Welcome Guests in Style: Exploring Door Frame Designs

Welcome Guests in Style: Exploring Door Frame Designs

No matter how much we spend on our dream home, the security aspect cannot be overlooked! Because of this, doors are vital to your home and you simply cannot lock them in. While style and appearance are important, the robustness of the door frames is a top priority. A good door frame design allows the door to move freely with hinges or sliders.

Even a strong door can be easily removed or destroyed without a strong door frame. Depending on the intended use, these frames are made of different materials such as wood, metal, plastic, etc. Read about the importance of front door frames, available types, buying tips and the top 10 modern designs in the U.S. market.

What is a door frame?

A door frame consists of 2 vertical door posts, called posts, which are attached parallel to each side of the door. There is a horizontal support above the door with concrete or wood called a lintel for secure closing. A typical door frame is built into the wall, making it a permanent structure.

What is the purpose of door frames?

The main purpose of a door frame is to support and properly secure the door. The doors also have hinges on the sides to allow the door to be opened or closed. In addition, modern door frame constructions have rails above or below for easy sliding of the doors. Door frames also offer the possibility to align and compensate the door.

What are the different types of door frames?

A door frame is more than just a skeleton for the door. It is multifunctional and tailored to the requirements of the room. Here are some of the different types of basic door frame designs:

  • Open the door frame inwards: This door frame allows the door to move inwards and is often used indoors.
  • Open the door frame to the outside: The door can move outwards and is used for outdoor use.
  • Open door frame: They have two vertical bars on the side of the door with a headpost at the top.
  • Closed door frames: The closed door frames used in traditional Indian homes have an additional frame at the bottom called the threshold.

How do you choose the right door frame for your home?

After familiarizing yourself with the many types of door frames available, there are a few important tips you should know before buying a door frame:

  • Decide on the interior before choosing door frame models. You must take the door frame specifications into account to ensure a perfect and even fit for your room.
  • There are different materials for door frames such as wood, metal, PVC, etc. Depending on the rest of the decor and your door type, you have to make the selection.
  • To get a uniform look, you always have to adapt the door frame to the door. You can combine materials, but only if you are sure of their harmony. For example, a wooden door with a metal frame might look clumsy.
  • You can adapt your door frames to the color of the doors. If you choose wood grain, mahogany brown or even a classic white color, you can brighten your room immediately.

These are some of the different types of door frame designs that are available on the market. These frames can be customized according to your needs to give your indoor and outdoor areas a classy look. They are also available in different budgets, from a simple design to an intricately carved model with different material quality. No matter which type of door you choose, the quality of a door frame becomes a decisive factor for the service life!

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