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Dhoti Sherwani Designs

What if the North Indian Sherwani met the South Indian Dhoti? You’re right! They have an innovative Dhoti Sherwani that has become the most sought-after style in the ethnic men’s clothing line. Although this is not a novel concept, this idea is back in mainstream fashion with the introduction of new cuts, fabrics, designs and embellishments. That’s not all! In contrast to conventional dhoti, these pants are offered in many designs, colors and materials to suit different types of Sherwanis. So don’t waste any more time on discussions and explore your favorite piece for this festive season.

Meaning of Dhoti Sherwani suits for men:

A dhoti is a staple in the country’s southern states. It is light, comfortable and airy. Especially in hot and humid weather, Dhoti can be a perfect replacement for the tight-fitting Churidar pants. A pleated dhoti, when worn under a properly fitting sherwani, can give the illusion of a large and wide appearance. In addition, this versatile underwear can easily be styled with multiple kurtas and reused.

How to style a Dhoti Sherwani for men?

Curious to know how to get that perfect dhoti look? Learn some style hacks from our experienced stylists:

  • Opt for a pleated dhoti that is a sewn fabric. In contrast to traditional dhoti, this can be easy to carry.
  • Choose neutral dhotis like beige, black, fawn, etc. that can be worn with different sherwanis. Make sure that the length of the dhoti is neither too short nor too long.
  • The kurta must not be far above the knees, as short tops do not really complement a dhoti. A knee-length Sherwani or something below is ideal. Also choose a straight cut kurta as it gives a sharper silhouette.
  • For weddings and grooms, you can choose bolder colors like red, maroon, brown, etc. that contrast the outer garment. Choose ornate to make you look special.
  • If you want to attend simple events, a cotton dhoti with a well-groomed Achkan-style Sherwani is ideal. You can even try wearing a Nehru jacket for a layered look.
  • Do not walk barefoot or with formal shoes. Wear jutis or mojaris to improve the fusion look!

These are some of the stunning Dhoti Sherwani designs you should try this season. With such a large selection, it is definitely difficult to shortlist just one. So think about how you visualize yourself in an outfit and choose the right color scheme and the right type of fabric on this basis. If you loved a particular model from this collection, let us know. We’d love to hear from you!

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