Designer Mangalsutra: Exquisite Pieces for Every Bride

Designer Mangalsutra: Exquisite Pieces for Every Bride

A Mangalsutra is a symbol for the marital status of an Indian woman! While its fame does not require special mention, many women find it difficult to accept the old school designs. Traditional Mangalsutra designs are quite large and bulky. They may look good on saris and salwars, but certainly not with western clothing. For this reason, designer Mangalsutra designs have been introduced to encourage young brides and modern women to wear Mangalsutras every day. Their uniqueness, sobriety and minimalist beauty make them an instant hit with the newer generation.

Features of designer Mangalsutra Designs:

Here are some of the trend features of designer Mangalsutra chains:

  • Designer Mangalsutra designs are usually available in limited quantities because they were created for a personalized look.
  • They are offered in different designs, but simplicity is the key word!
  • For weddings and special occasions, traditional Mangalsutras get a modern twist to keep up with the size.
  • Designer Mangalsutras have delicate chains with diamond pendants that are mainly inspired by flowers, nature and abstract designs.
  • These chains are also available as sets with matching earrings for important events!

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