Designer Delights: Must-Have Handbags for Fashionistas

Designer Delights: Must-Have Handbags for Fashionistas

Wherever women go handbags follow them !! Handbags, ladies loved the accessory and they are willing to spend more on it than vacation. It is one of the most desirable and fashionable items for 99% of women. People’s opinions about handbags in the olden days had a negative connotation, since women who wore personal clothing here in a closed and visible pocket called handbags were shocking to many people.

After the 20th century, acceptance of handbags by the dominant crowd was enormous and remains an accessory that highlights the beauty of women. The collection of handbags is one of the most popular hobbies for women and can actually be considered an art form.

Fashionable collection of designer handbags for women:

In order to get to know the different types of handbags and on which occasion, which type of handbag is recommended and which types of material are used for the production of a handbag, reference is made here to the list of the 15 best designer handbags.

1. Classic day bag in black:

Black is the standard color for clothing, shoes and the same for bags. It is one of the best-selling designer handbag colors in any store. Because of its simple and elegant look, it is recommended to wear it for every occasion. Either for a casual look or for professional clothing, but the size and length of the bag depends on the occasion. Long length with steel chain is for party clothes. Short designer bags can be used for professional use. Black leather bags are the standard handbags for professional and casual outwear. It creates style and elegance.

2. Designer clutch handbags:

It is a wide single lock bag that can hold all cosmetic and valuable things in one compartment. Made of various materials, either leather, plastic or metal frames with a shiny finish line. It is available in different colors and the lock of this type of handbag is the most attractive part due to its designed clasp and the optional strap on the sides. It is mostly worn for a party that fits well with the dress due to its design and size.

3. Designer shopping bag made of woven shoulder:

It is a beautiful and spacious bag with a possibility to close the magnetic closure, which allows the bag to be opened wide. The strap is long and helps to carry it on the shoulder. Because of its bright colors and beachwear look, it is mainly worn by women in summer. Flower decorations can also be attached to the side of the bag to give it a summer look.

4. Designer leather bag with long slopes:

It is a slim leather case with different designs around the leather material. Either laser cuts or knitting that looks very expensive than it really is. This type of designer bag is long, which helps keep the laptop with other items that are usually carried by women. Women can easily carry it thanks to its flat shoulder strap attached with designer rivets. This type of bag is used by celebrities because of their sophisticated design.

5. Bucket Style Tote Handbag:

Tote means to carry and this type of bag fits the name perfectly. It helps to take all the personal things women need to take them with them. The bucket-style bag opens too far and has long straps that make it easy to close the bag. In the middle of the bag is a button lock that forms a bucket shape when closed and reduces the size, which helps carry lots of objects and lightly put them on your shoulder. It also has inside pockets. Because of its creative style with old-fashioned fashion, it can also be a vintage handbag.

6. Designer Canvas Tote Handbags:

This type of designer handbag is made of canvas material with printed designs that highlight a fashion in itself. Custom printed designer tote bags can also be made to highlight women’s creativity. It is a non-attached bag with straps attached parallel to each other, which makes it easier to hold on to the shoulder. It is highly recommended as a casual accessory.

7. Cross Over Bag:

It is also known as a messenger bag. It has a long strap that is worn over the body and wrapped around the chest with the help of the shoulder and rests on the lower back of the body. This type of bag is mostly waterproof and durable. It is usually worn by teenagers because the bag is very durable and can carry a lot of weight. Nowadays, the crossover bag is also used as a professional leather outfit and is effortless.

8. Designer Minaudiere bag:

It is a small bag of elongated size, which is coated with metal and the outer surface is decorated with precious stones. The material used creates a rigid base with a shiny appearance. It is a jewel that is usually replaced by an evening bag. It can either be held in the hand or hung around the wrist using the chain. In its bright and small size, this type of bag creates a sexy look.

9. Saddlebag:

It’s a big little bag that highlights a saddle shape with a wide flat strap. Many designer bags are made according to the design inspired by saddlebags. Most types of saddlebags are made of leather with snap fasteners. The straps are adjustable like the shoulder bag.

10. Famous Muff Handbags:

It is also known as a winter handbag because it is made of wool or velvet and has a dividing wall with a zip and a sliding opening to cover the hands in the cold. This bag offers two functions that allow you to store all the items needed to start the day and to protect your hands from freezing. It’s quite expensive due to its material, but well worth buying.

11. Designer Hobo Bags:

Someone looking for a spacious and fashionable bag? Then hobo-shaped handbags are the best solution. It has many internal storage capacities. It is one of the most famous types of handbags among women, which is typically large and has a crescent shape. When hung either on a simple chain or a chain with a circle or a simple fabric material around the shoulder, the handbags form a good crescent-shaped design. This type of designer bag is mostly worn as casual or party clothing. The material of the bags is mostly synthetic with printed patterns or an animal print is also used.

12. Designer envelope clutch bag:

It is usually worn by women for a business meeting or business party meeting. It is a flat bag that is square or rectangular. The handbag is covered like an envelope with the help of a triangular flap that covers and secures the bag. The most common colors of the envelope bag are pink, beige, cream, black or white.

13. Bowling bag:

As the name suggests, it is a kind of bag that was actually used to hold the bowling ball. The designers were inspired by the shape of the bag, which later turned out to be a fashion accessory for women. It looks slightly oval with parallel brackets that are usually strong and the same color as the bag. In addition, a long chain is attached to it, which is removable. Due to its compact size, which restricts the wearing of long files, it is recommended for casual and party wear.

14. Wristlet handbag:

This type of handbag is very similar to clutch bags. In this wristlet bag, there is a strap on the side of the bag, which can be a leather strap or chain that looks like a bracelet when worn around the wrist. This helps women to put the bag around the wrist and move freely without always monitoring the bag when it comes to carrying bags. It is worn for every type of occasion.

15.Baguette handbag:

It is a baguette-shaped bag that is long from the sides and less wide, which gives a baguette look. The bag is attached to a strap that makes it easy to carry in your hand. The chase closing flap is long with a buckle in the middle. The locking system is usually designed to hide the buckle and give it a rich look. The material used is generally leather or synthetic material. Baguette bags have been in vogue in recent years.

Designer handbags are one of the most traditional accessories for women, although prototype handbags were considered ridiculous by people in the late 18th century, rather than a crosshair, which is a handbag with a drawstring made of mesh or pearl material. Either a normal handbag or a double branded bag that drives women crazy to collect, and they feel at Cloud Nine not only taking them with them, but also making them a statement of style in a crowd. Through recent studies that have proven that the sales rate of women’s handbags more than doubles that of women’s clothing, showing that the clever design of handbags and marketing strategies is definitely booming enormously.

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