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Cotton Salwar Kameez Designs

Salwar kameez suits are a staple in every Indian woman’s wardrobe. From older matrones to teenagers in college, salwar suits are accepted by all generations. They are comfortable, stylish and practical for everyday use. Speaking of comfort, what more could you ask for than cotton salwar designs? Because of their relevance to the hot climatic conditions, these garments make up a large part of the Indian market for ethnic clothing. Instead of the regular old school designs, you can feel comfortable with this latest catalog of cotton salwar kameez patterns without compromising your glamorous quotient!

Features of cotton salwar suits:

Let’s examine some of the remarkable features of Cotton Salwar suits:

  • Cotton salwar suits are made from high quality cotton materials. You will probably also find them in a mix of cotton and poly threads.
  • Pure cotton suits have a matte finish due to the density of the threads and fabrics. When in contact with water, they can also have colors.
  • Poly-cotton fabrics have a shiny finish and are ideal for machine washing and rough use.
  • Cotton suits are difficult to maintain because they are very prone to wrinkles and color fading.
  • Authentic cotton suits are available in earthy colors such as brown and red due to the use of natural dyes.
  • Modern cotton suits come in a variety of designs, patterns, and textures to suit the New Age taste.

How to style cotton salwar suits?

Follow these style tips to look flawless in your cotton salwar suits:

  • Women’s cotton salwar suits are best suited for casual, work and everyday wear.
  • Use a straight cut cotton kurta with a patiala or punjabi salwar to create volume
  • If you want to avoid the bulk, combine it with pants or Churidhars
  • You can also try the Anarkali model for simple parties and gatherings. Choose a bold color and pattern to look unique
  • Replace your Dupatta with a cotton scarf and tie it around your neck for a chic effect
  • Wear ethnic jewelry such as terracotta or pearls. You can also choose simple gold jewelry

These are some of the amazing cotton salwar kameez designs you can try! When we say cotton, you don’t always have to imagine a typical outfit for the elderly. Times have changed and so have these suits! While maintaining the basics of cotton, designers offer a variety of exciting prints and patterns to choose from. Some of them don’t need much maintenance either! Try them out and let us know which one is your favorite!

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