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Collar Neck Blouse Designs

Nowadays, blouse designs with a collar neck are the most preferred style. Women love to wear different blouses for a unique, trendy look. With the ready-made blouses available in every color, you don’t have to wait for tailors to sew your blouse. Collar blouse is the best choice since amazing designs are readily available. They can be individually adjusted to your size. You can have many blouses for a single saree, but create a whole new look every time.

Amazing collection of blouse designs with a collar neck:

Here are the 18 different types of collar neck blouses for women with pictures that can be worn on special occasions.

1. Chinese collar neck blouse:

This is a chinese collar blouse. Beautiful embroidery is done on the collar and at the end of the sleeve and blouse. The embroidery highlights the neck area and depending on the occasion you can choose between easy and difficult. If you choose an embellished lace, you get the perfect outfit for a wedding.

2. Back open collar blouse:

This beautiful open back pattern is another style in the collar blouse. It comes with a heavy pattern on the neck that has buttons that can be opened. For a graceful look, you can opt for a Dori or tassel on the neck. The entire back and neck area is highlighted with work.

3.Lace blouse with a collar neck:

This lace blouse has a full collar and a side opening. The shoulder part of the blouse generally remains transparent, while the chest is covered with a shiny material as a lining. This blouse is usually padded and the perfect choice for flowing saris.

4. Stylish collar blouse:

It is the latest design with a collar neck blouse. It is a combination of lace and transparent fabric. Excellent tips are sewn onto the neck and sleeves. There are also graceful folds under the collar neck. If you choose a contrasting blouse, you can achieve a beautiful look.

5. Blouse with a high neck collar:

This blouse with a high collar is ideal for simple saris where you prefer an outstanding blouse. The front of the blouse is patched with matching or contrasting fabric, usually in prints. It is ideal for contrast-colored silk sari and goes with flowing transparent fabrics.

6. Designer collar blouse:

This high collar blouse is a unique design that features both a high neck and a low neck. If you opt for a high neck in the upper area, you can pull the lower neck deep to expose the gap area and look sensual.

7.Butterfly style blouse:

The blouse with a butterfly pattern is the latest design with a collar neck on the market. It comes with a winged collar that gives the blouse a nice look. Care must be taken to design the blouse from a simple fabric with minimal embellishments. This blouse is perfect for printed and designer sarees.

8. Mesh collar blouse:

The mesh is used on both sides of this blouse. By mixing the mesh fabric with sequins, an elegant look can be created that is suitable for both day and day parties. These blouses are perfect in colors like black, gold, silver etc. and can be reused on multiple saris.

9. Latest collar blouse:

This trendy neck design combines a square neck pattern with a collar. By mixing different pieces of fabric, a unique design can be created that fits the saree. The use of contrasting colors and matching laces can achieve a completely new look.

10. Blouse with stand-up collar:

It is red color mandarin collar neck blouse. The outside of the blouse is covered with a net. The blouse is padded for a smooth finish. The tangerine colors are ideal for people with a long neck. They offer the best coverage and by keeping the fabric light, a comfortable yet sensual look can be achieved.

11.Polo collar blouse:

Polo necks are not only great for shirts, they also make beautiful blouse patterns. These neck blouses made of light material can change the overall look and make you shine. You can choose them for both traditional and western sarees.

12. Stand-up collar blouse:

The stand-up collar blouse comes with a collar that is highlighted in Kundan work, cutworks and even embroidered thread work. These modern blouses with a collar neck are ideal for saris that are usually simple and require little tact to achieve a great look.

13. Fancy collar blouse:

This designer collar neck pattern can be made by mixing several fabrics such as raw silk, mesh and sequins. The puff sleeves give the blouse a feminine look. This pattern highlights the shoulder and neck area. The best thing about this blouse is its versatility when combining multiple saris.

14.Collar blouse in coat style:

The fashionable blouse in coat style or the angrakha design with a collar neck are a perfect harmony of elegance and grace. It is great for a formal look and traditional events where you want a sober yet unique look. Adding a gold or silver collar to the blouse can serve as an accessory and you don’t have to wear heavy neck pieces.

15. Collar blouse for the bride:

This blouse pattern has heavy embroidery on the neck and one side of the shoulder. This is ideal for young girls and brides who want to wear it with a lehenga or a flowing saree. The blouse instantly turns even the simplest saree into a lively outfit.

16. Formal collar blouse:

Whether you are a teacher or a politician, the formal collar neck is ideal for your work clothes. This neck has a simple collar with a V-neck in the front. The embellishments of these types of blouses are quite small to avoid glaring looks. These blouses are best for cotton and the latest linen saris.

17. Shirt collar blouse:

Blouses with a shirt collar and neck are ideal for work clothes. These blouses come with a full shirt collar and front buttons. Blouses of this type are best suited for evening and office wear. So you have to keep it simple. You can also experiment with small prints and motifs if you combine them with simple saris.

18. Blouses with a shawl collar:

Shawl collar neck are great for a vintage look. They create that perfect antique look, especially when combined with brocades. The necks with the shawl collar have a thick and heavy neckline. The collar part is highlighted with contrast or printed fabric, which keeps the rest of the blouse simple. They go perfectly with bright and muted saris.

I hope the above collar neck blouse catalog has given you great ideas for your next look. No matter which saree you choose, choosing the right collar for your neck can turn you into a diva. Collar neck blouses are an amazing option for women with thin and long necks to distract their attention. They are also a good choice for people who want to create a heavy look with very minimal accessories.

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