Churidar Salwar: Timeless Ethnic Fashion for Every Occasion

Churidar Salwar: Timeless Ethnic Fashion for Every Occasion

Kurta pajamas are the epitome of Indian clothing for men and women! In women, it is called salwar kameez, with “salwar” indicating underwear and “kameez” indicating shirt. Salwars are often replaced by their counterparts, the Churidars! Churidars are tight-fitting pants that are worn by both genders. They have existed since the Mughal era and were adopted by people of many generations. In this article, we take a look at the trend features of Churidar Salwar suit designs, as well as pictures and detailed descriptions!

Properties of Churidar Salwars:

Here are the characteristic features of Churidar Salwars:

  • Churidars are long, tight-fitting trousers that create a multi-layered look on the ankle.
  • These begin in a wide cut at the waist part of the pants and narrow to recognize the shape of the legs.
  • The length of the pants is kept longer than the actual length of the person to make room for the folds at the ankle.
  • These pants have a button that holds the pants in place.
  • They get their name from the appearance of a series of bracelets on the leg and are therefore called Churi-dar (bangle-like).
  • These pants are worn with straight fit kurtas and anarkali tops.

Fabrics used for Churidar Salwars:

The original Churidar Salwars were made from cotton fabrics because cotton gave them the fit and grip required for this style. Many materials were later introduced for their manufacture, including silk blend, georgette, raw silk and rayon. Elastane Churidars, also called leggings, are the most popular pants for women because they are easy to use and comfortable.

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