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Churidar Dress Designs

After the legendary Saree, Churidar takes second place in the Indian ethnic clothing segment. This charming clothing dates back to the late 19th and early 20th centuries when it was popularized by the elite and royal class ladies. Over time, many contemporary versions of Churidar clothing designs for women flooded local fashion markets.

Churidars are those with a skin that is close to the skin, with a comfortable stitch on the waist and thighs, and a skin on the leg section from the knees to the ankles, where they form folds known as “churi”. The same design can also be seen on the sleeves of the upper kameez or kurta. The Churidar sleeves are sewn on the skin, adapt to the lady’s hands and form folds (Churi) on the wrist.

Main features of Churidars for women:

First, let’s understand the characteristic features of Churidars to distinguish these pants from the other types of underwear.

  • Churidar takes its name from the Hindi word Churi, which means bangle. The bangle-like effect created by the additional cloth on the ankles gives it this name.
  • It is a tight-fitting pair of pants that is usually longer than the actual leg size in order to maintain these bangle creases.
  • The pants are usually wide at the waist and narrowed to take the shape of your legs.
  • A button or hook is provided at the ends to secure the pants in place.

Churidar vs. Salwar: which is the best?

Both pants are equally popular with women! Churidar can be a little uncomfortable compared to traditional salwar pants. The tight-fitting silhouette can make sitting or crouching difficult. But on the look side, Churidar improves your figure and defines your legs. It can give the illusion of a leaner, bigger look when worn with the right outerwear.

Style tips for churidars:

Follow these tips for experts to look flawless in Churidar and Kurta Set:

  • When you go to the parties, opt for an a-line designer kurta or ankle length with churidar pants to look sensational.
  • Choose a simple, knee-length cotton kurta for every day or college wear and wear it with churidar leggings for a cool look.
  • You can wear the Dupatta in many ways, like a rounded scarf, one side, two sides, etc., to create different versions of the same outfit.
  • Give your wardrobe something special by trying printed tops on printed Churidaren. Do a mix and match to demonstrate your creativity.
  • Put on a cotton jacket or an open shrug to get a layered look. Wear it with funky jewelry and a designer bag.
  • A pair of high heels or shoes is a must with a churidar. So have them ready!

If we have a large collection of outfits in our wardrobe, our eyes will surely stand for the glamorous look of a churidar salwar suit. The trend and fashion inspire the latest Churidar design patterns in the fashion world. Some of them have a subtle tradition with shades of the trend, while others are purely trendy. It’s your decision!

Churidar Salwar Kameez itself covers almost the entire body. Since the long Churidar sleeves cover the hands up to the wrist and the salwar with an ankle-length Churidar design up to the ankles, there is no space for hand and toe jewelry. High-heeled shoes are sure to go well with the Churidar suits. And when we talk about the hand jewelry, the designer dupattas can be great for appreciating the beauty of your hands. The best thing about Churidar is that they are an everyday outfit and are usually sewn comfortably.

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