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Satin Sarees

Black and Grey Satin Saree | Satin saree, Indian saree blouses .

The name Satin was derived from a port city in China known as Quanzhou, whose alternative name in the Middle East is Zayton. It was exported from China to various parts of the world. The main satin fabric is woven from silk threads. In the 12th and 13th centuries, satin ...

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Sapphire Earrings

Sapphire Earrings For Fomen,Pear Cut Created Sapphire Drop Earrin

Sapphire is one of the most valuable and valuable gemstones. It is generally blue in color, but there are also varieties like pink sapphires. Especially for women, it is very desirable to die of its beautiful color, its excellent durability and its shine that lasts forever. Sapphire earrings are and ...

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Celine Bags


Celine Vipiana founded her French Celine company for prefabricated leather handbags in 1945. The bags consist of skins of water snakes, crocodiles, lizards, calf, lamb, etc. These bags make you look elegant and refined. A very good reason to stand out from the crowd. So everyone, including celebrities, wants to ...

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Frock Coat

Amazon.com: H&ZY Men's Steampunk Vintage Tailcoat Jacket Gothic .

The frock coat is becoming increasingly popular among the young generation. It is suitable for fashion and functions of our choice. There are now many types and designs of coats, frock coats, especially knee-length all-round skirts or overcoats. There are coat designs for men, women and children that depend on ...

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Coach Wallets

Coach Wallets: Amazon.c

Train the renowned company that produces luxury accessories and a collection of luxury statement products that push lifestyle upwards. The company’s products offer high quality products such as fabrics, leathers of various ranges, materials etc. The incredible design of the company’s products is known worldwide and has customers who love ...

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Gold Necklace Designs

Pin by Jhuma on Necklaces | Online gold jewellery, Gold fashion .

The most attractive element for jewelry making for men and women is gold, better known as the yellow metal. It is particularly appealing because of its color and cheerful shade. A hint of gold that complements your look makes you classy and improves your look in many ways. The word ...

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High Low Dress

Formal High Low Dress: Amazon.c

These high and low dresses are very popular with girls with modern views. They are available in different versions, such as the cocktail type with sequins, a formal cocktail, a heart-shaped neckline, halter models, etc. These dresses can be worn at all leisure events and also for formal occasions. They ...

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Grey Trousers

Moss London Slim Fit Grey Prince of Wales with Blue Boucle .

Since Beau Brummell first wore full length trousers centuries ago, the trousers have been worn by people of all ages, social classes, economic classes, political beliefs, etc. The world has been wearing trousers for decades since the beginning of the sixth century BC. BC and was mainly worn by riders. ...

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Net Salwar Suit Designs

Georgette Light Pink Designer Net Salwar Kameez, Rs 2100 /piece .

A mesh is a synonym for grace, elegance and tenderness. This delicate fabric has been used in India for many centuries and was popularized during the Mughal era. The roots of the mesh material go back to the Victorian period, when lace was a popular choice among aristocratic women. It ...

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Cuckoo Clocks

Amazon.com: Original German Cuckoo-Clock (Certified), Mechanical 8 .

Cuckoo clock designs are mostly handmade from wood and pine as raw materials. They are designed like the traditional pattern and also decorated with hand-painted floral patterns. They use components such as a movable mill wheel, hunters, musicians, shingled roof, a group of miniature dancers and also a few other ...

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