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Pakistani Sherwani Designs

Pakistani Sherwani Designs

Did you know that Pakistan’s official attire is Sherwani? Since Mohammad Ali Jinnah, the founder of Pakistan, delivered his maiden speech in a classic black Sherwani, it has become an icon of the nation. It was then renamed Pakistani Sherwani, in which the Indian style Churidar or Dhoti gave way to the loose salwar pants. Traditionally, these garments had a formal appearance and were devoid of any decorations. They were used exclusively for official purposes, but slowly turned into party and wedding attire. Many designers have reintroduced them to suit the tastes of contemporary audiences. In this article, we’ll examine 10 of these latest Pakistani Sherwani design collections, as well as some tips on how to design them.

Meaning of the Sherwani of Pakistani men:

After getting a glimpse of the history of this garment, let’s focus on the style and comfort aspects. The Pakistani Sherwanis look classy and instantly transform you from a boy next door into a sophisticated gentleman. Unlike the normal Sherwanis, these outfits do not restrict body movements, especially not in the lower part of the body. The airy salwar pants can also calm you down for longer hours. However, to make them more global, churidars and straight pants are often seen in a new age ensemble002E

How to style Pakistani Sherwani suits?

Wondering how you can improve the Pakistani look of your Sherwani? Check out these professional styling ideas for inspiration:

  • First, the choice of fabric before buying an outfit is very important. You have to choose high quality materials to avoid looking cheap and flashy.
  • Make sure the Sherwani suits you well. Try it on and make sure the shoulders, armpits and sleeves fit your body exactly.
  • Now the decision about colors and textures comes. You must call this depending on the occasion and scope of the event.
  • Pastel colors are very trendy and are perfect for summer weddings. Choose a bright Sherwani color and combine it with pastel pink, blue or yellow salwar with a matching turban to look chic.
  • If you’re a fan of a warmer color, choose elegant brocade materials with rich motifs. Keep the rest of the outfit simple.
  • You can also choose different accessories like brooches, chains, pocket squares, dupattas or scarves etc. to improve the look.
  • Instead of formal shoes, choose traditional mojris or jutis to achieve a better look.

These are some of the trendy Pakistani Sherwani designs you should try this season. Although essentially Pakistani, the designs and styles are inspired by Indian couture. These outfits are perfect for any man with a good physique and the right attitude to wear with grace. So, this wedding and festival season, give yourself a break from regular outfits and try them out instead!

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