Effortless Elegance: Casual Blazers for Versatile Chic

Effortless Elegance: Casual Blazers for Versatile Chic

With blurred gender lines in the current fashion industry, the legendary men’s blazer is no longer just for men! Blazers are now treated as “beyond” male formal attire and are androgynous and above all sustainable! These casual blazers for men and women are the most versatile garments and can be worn in a variety of styles. A casual blazer can instantly change your look, from covering up your flaws to covering up on a cool night. Investing in one or two basic designs in this segment can add a layering effect to your outfit and make it look smarter. So if you want to know how to wear casual blazers in different ways, read along.

Trending casual blazers for men and women:

What is the difference between a formal blazer and a casual blazer?

The name “blazer” is often used as a generic term for formal suits and casual sports jackets. However, there are big differences in the structure, purpose and processing of these garments.

A formal blazer is essentially a suit jacket that is worn only for formal occasions or business purposes. It only fits with conventional trousers and an Oxford shirt. It has a slightly loose fit and is made of double-layer materials made of Terri wool or Terri cotton. The colors are also very sober and often come from the palate of blue, gray, black and beige.

On the other hand, a casual blazer is a sports jacket that is similar in many ways to its counterpart – the suit blazer. But it looks sporty, has a slim or slim fit and is preferably worn for Friday meetings, after office parties or gatherings. These garments are made from various materials such as jeans, knits, wool, etc. to serve different purposes. They also offer a range of colors, shades, textures and prints.

How to style a casual blazer in different ways for men and girls?

Follow these simple style tips to wear a blazer casually:



  • If you want to take a break from the clad look, choose a light material for your blazer instead. Linen, wool, etc. are suitable for office clothing and maintain decency.
  • For a relaxed fit, try unstructured designs that don’t stick to your body. Wear semi-formal shirts with khakis chinos. You can even choose collar t-shirts on the inside.

After hours look:

  • Make your selection for later hours. You can try shiny blazers that design yourself or have subtle prints. Wear them with slim-fitting shirts and try the unbuttoned look.
  • For a beach feeling or an ultra-cool feeling, choose pastel colors and wear these casual blazers on half-sleeved shirts. Leave the first 3 buttons of your shirt open and hey, you can try shorts instead of pants!


Business Wear:

  • Create an elegant look without exaggerating with a casual women’s blazer. Choose a sober, safe color option for your work, e.g. B. Black, brown, gray, which is suitable for every shirt.
  • You can try different types of underwear like skirts or even loose pants. Replace your white shirts with flowing tops. Opt for white stone jewelry and rivets to add a subtle element of the bling.
  • Opt for a sleek hairstyle in the middle or tie them up into a high bangs.

Dress down look:

  • For clubwear, choose a striking blazer with a floral pattern and wear it over a tank top. Get out your mini skirts and shorts. Kill the whole look with a pair of knee-length boots.
  • Try softer shades for daytime events and wear them over a pair of jeans or three-quarters of palazzos. Keep your shirt simple and put on an airy blazer. Add flower needles or a hat to travel back in time to romance!
  • Let your hair loose and try bizarre hairpins and ribbons if necessary. With this clothing you can even rock the sock bun look.

We hope you fully approve of this casual blazer look for 2020. Whether for men or women, these garments are as good as the bare minimum in your closet and the next best if you have t-shirts and jeans. From a glamorous event to a sober business meeting, these blazers can transform your appearance in minutes. So if you want to show your nervous side without being too laid back, try these ideas and let us know which worked well for you!

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