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Button Up Shirts

While we know the basic definition of a shirt, not many people know the types of shirts. Shirts are labeled in different categories depending on the type of collar, the fit, the fabric and the style. One such variant discussed in this article is the Button Up Shirt! You will be surprised to read that the buttoned shirt is your normal shirt, with buttons that can be opened to close your collar. Button-up shirts can also be button-down shirts if they have two buttons under each wing of the collar. Confused? Well, this article covers some key basics of these shirts and their latest designs.

Meaning of button-up shirts:

The entire funda of the button-up or button-down is centered around your collar. The collar is the most important element of your shirt, which can determine both the frame of a person and the purpose of a shirt. The buttoned shirt pattern has a main button between the two wings of a collar to determine its formality. When attached, the button displays a formal appearance and, when unbuttoned, represents a semi-formal or random purpose.

Features of button up shirts:

Here are some notable features of button-up shirts:

  • Button-up shirts are business shirts for professional use.
  • They are also suitable for casual wear with a variation in fabric, print and style.
  • While formal button-ups have collars, casual shirts have soft collars.
  • These shirts are available as either single or double pockets.
  • Most of them are single-colored, but are also available in prints, stripes and dots.
  • These shirts are usually made from cotton fabrics, with the exception of party wear, which uses synthetic materials.

How to style button up shirts?

Choose from some of these ideas to look gorgeous in your button-up shirt:

  • Always choose the right size of your button-up shirt. The shoulder and arm holes must fit well.
  • These office shirts can be combined with blazers or even ties.
  • For a casual look, roll up these sleeves and wear them with a pair of jeans.
  • Women can experiment with skirts, pants and other underwear.
  • Look effortlessly stylish by choosing a baggy style shirt.
  • Messy buns or loose curls go very well with button-up shirts. Men can try a more sophisticated hairstyle.
  • Opt for shoes that go with these shirts, such as suede, formal, or even boots.

These are some of the best button-up shirt designs for men and women! These shirts are a must in your wardrobe and part of the essential. Button-up shirts are the easiest way to get a nifty look without having to strain yourself. Whether alone or under a blazer or even with a skirt – button-up shirts can never fail! If you have one of your favorite choices, let us know in the comments!

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