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Button Down Shirts

We all know what shirts are! But the term “button down shirts” may sound difficult! However, button down shirts are no different from your normal shirts. They are just normal shirts with collars and two small buttons underneath. The origin of this shirt dates back to 1869, when polo players found the fluttering wings of the collar to be distracting. The buttons helped them attach the collar to the shirt for better visibility and comfort. Although practically not used in modern times, button-down shirts are among the most popular and sought-after items of clothing.

Let’s take a look at some of the stylish button-down shirts for men and women and learn how important and stylish hacks are!

Meaning of the button-down shirt:

Button-down shirts are considered suitable for business or evening wear. They are also called shirts with additional buttons on the collar. They look professional and can be used for all occasions. With button-down shirts you look elegant and suitable for the office with their uniform look. They are the perfect partners for your blazers, formal jackets and even your ties!

Features of button-down shirt:

Read on to learn some of the characteristic features of a button-down shirt:

  • Button-down shirts are formal shirts for office clothing.
  • They have two tiny buttons under the two wings of a collar.
  • By buttoning it up to the shirt, you get a neat look from neck to waist.
  • Button-down shirts are delivered in matching or contrast-colored collars.
  • You can hold your tie in place without having to adjust it frequently.

How to style button-down shirts?

Are you wondering how you can look perfect in your button down shirt? Follow these tips for experts to improve the office look!

  • Button-down shirts can be worn by both men and women
  • If you are looking for simple everyday clothing, you can wear a narrow tie with your button-down shirt
  • Experiment with a variety of colors to make your working hours boring!
  • For a comfortable and airy look, just drop the tie and open the first button on your shirt
  • Although many people advise against using a blazer for these shirts, they go well with your formal outerwear
  • You can even try a casual look by rolling up your sleeves and tucking them into your denim
  • Formal shoes, patinas and even designer loafers go well with these shirts
  • Women’s button-down shirts can also be worn with skirts!

These are some of the best and newest button down shirts for men. These designs will surprise you with the range available on the market. So far, button downs have been treated as purely formal shirts, but the creativity of the designers has made them extremely versatile garments. You must have at least one button-down shirt in your closet to play safely sometimes. Do not miss to leave an impression with the classic button down shirts!

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