Make a Statement with Broad Neck Blouses

Make a Statement with Broad Neck Blouses

Over time, the saree designs have changed from simple to designer clothing. At the same time, the patterns of the blouses have changed drastically. With a long list of blouse patterns, blouse designs with a wide neck are becoming increasingly popular these days. The design not only gives the shoulders and back an attractive appearance, but is also very comfortable for women with a light weight.

Saree blouse designs for wide shoulders:

Let’s go through some gorgeous wide neck blouses that are very popular this season.

1. Blouse with a simple stripe pattern:

The simple green blouse design for wide shoulders is streaked with the silver tip of the saree to give it an elegant look. The back design gets a square look with two lace stripes on the top and bottom.

2. Circular Back Design:

A pattern that is very popular for designer clothing on fief gas. It is the blouse pattern made of Gamthi material. The blouse has a pack-neck design at the front and a circular pattern with bound edges at the back. The wide neck saree blouse is generally worn with plain or printed sarees.

3. Pot design blouse:

A very popular saree blouse design for wide shoulders is the one that gets a pot look from behind. The back neck is provided with curves that form a pot pattern, which is edged on both sides with laces. The pattern is often worn on brace material for marriages.

4.Hexagonal neck design:

Hexagonal patterns are the trend for blouse designs for wide necks. There is a level of comfort on the back and shoulders for an amazing look. The blouse has a deep pattern from the back, slight narrow cuts from the front, which contribute to its beauty.

5. Designer blouse with a wide neck:

Get a silver saree blouse with a wide rim and designer touch. The silver blouse design is curved inwards, with a stacked mesh with a diamond attached in the middle. There is an arch design with a silver border at the end.

6. Blouse in strapless designs:

A blouse design that is particularly suitable for chiffon and net designer saris is the shoulder-free princess cut blouse design. The blouse’s neck design has a wide V-shape, while the sleeves get a light off-shoulder pattern that best suits women with wide shoulders.

7. Bordered Neck Design:

A saree blouse design with a wide brim that’s pretty catchy this season is the Patli Palau design. The Saree’s blouse is edged with prints and gold knitting on the front and back and forms a semi-circular design with medium-length sleeves.

8. Collar style blouse design:

A saree blouse with a wide collar and collar is the best to go with it. Such a combination of saree and blouse is often worn by women these days. The blouse has a small collar design from the back with a U-shaped neck at the front and packed sleeves.

9. Deep V Neck Design:

A designer saree with a deep V-shaped design with a wide neckline is exactly what you are looking for. The blouse has full sleeves to give your hands a slim touch, while the neck gives you a heartbreaking look.

The wide neck blouse designs have given women a new look. The designs complement each other excellently with Kanjivaram saris, Pattu saris, chiffon saris, plain printed saris and much more for a flawless view. The blouses also get puff-up sleeves, which are popular with women with heavy arms and wide shoulders to improve the design of the arms and blouses.

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