Artistry in Detail: Unveiling the Beauty of Border Sarees

Artistry in Detail: Unveiling the Beauty of Border Sarees

Saree is considered the oldest and unstitched garment that has been used for over millennia. Over time, it becomes more sensual and glamorous with various prints, artistic fabrics, gold or silver decorations and much more. Before designer saris, however, the saris were just a simple piece of fabric wrapped around the body by women. The changes were then introduced by the Kanchipuram Sarees when the Saree border was used years ago to give the Saree a new and rich look.

In the initial phase, small border sarees were created, which gave the end of the saree a gold or silver border. But today there are enormous designs that drive you crazy while picking a single saree for yourself.

Meaning of border sari:

Regardless of what material the saree is made of, a simple saree with a border is certainly important for the Indian women at any wedding occasion, party or even for an ethnic look. Be it the expensive ones with simple saree borders or the heavy ones with the latest sari borders, the saris have always highlighted the grace and beauty of women, especially married women, when they wear them on special occasions to get a proper traditional look achieve.

Border Sarees features:

The Border Saree collection offers a number of functions that make it something special for every time. Some of the functions are:

  • The Saree border design offers a simple and a heavy look for every occasion.
  • You can also look for heavy saree for border work for weddings
  • They come in a variety of materials such as cotton, silk, rayon, chiffon, georgette, etc.
  • The latest border saree designs come with decorations such as stones, pearls, diamonds, etc.
  • So these are some basic features that make the Saree attractive.

Which fabric is most commonly used for Border Saree?

Regarding the fabric used to make various saree edge patterns, the sarees are available in a variety of fabrics and designs. The material ranges from cotton, pure cotton, silk, chiffon, georgette, velvet, polyester, synthetic yarns, banaras and many more. However, the saree with a heavy border is usually made of chiffon or silk. Similarly, Banarasi Border Saris are preferably made of silk or let’s say pure silk material, which gives it a rich and heavy look.

What body shape does the Border Saree fit?

Have you ever looked at the Saree pictures at the border? How tall are the women who wear it? Slim, bulky, medium or heavy? Yes, no matter what shape you have, the Border Saris will surely fit you. To be precise, the silk and chiffon saree border pattern would be suitable for women with a heavy or voluminous look, as it would give them a slim look with the thin fabric that would stick to the skin.

Which blouse is suitable for border sarees?

Be it a simple chiffon saree with a gold edge or a printed edge saree made of any material, you can wear any type of blouse over it. Blouses with a similar border are very popular for chiffon saris with a zari border. A simple blouse is also advisable for the Plan Border Saree. There are also different neck designs for designer saris, designer blouses, thread work blouses etc. The routine saris with borders receive simple blouses with sleeves in the similar border for a high-contrast appearance.

How to style border sarees?

Whether simple chiffon saris with a zari border or just thin border saris, they can be made in different styles depending on the occasion. Wrap the border saree in styles such as the Athpourey style, the Nivi curtain, the Mekhela chador curtain, the Nauvari saree style, the Seedha Pallu style, the Bengali style, or other traditional style. Depending on the edge thickness, material and style of the Pallu, the saree is designed for a stylish look.

In the early stages, when the border sarees were introduced, the silk border saree was seen as something worn for a rich and gorgeous look. However, with the changes in the creation of the saree, the material used, the border designs, etc., you can choose the best of the border saree collection that is appropriate for the occasion you want to attend, as well as your color and color Design taste. The borders have always given the saris a traditional, modernized and ethnic look.

To add something chic to your collection, try the latest Saree designs for an amazing look.

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