Effortless Chic: Boat Neck Blouses for Every Occasion

Effortless Chic: Boat Neck Blouses for Every Occasion

Choosing the right blouse neck design is a huge challenge. You need to consider your body type, occasion, fabric and type of saree before zeroing out a pattern. A design you can always rely on in the classic boat neck design! Inspired by the seaman’s shirt neck pattern, blouse designs with a boat neckline are the hottest trend on the fashion market. They are very versatile and suitable for everyone and suitable for almost every kind of saree. Choose from one of these boat patterns (bateau) from rich Kanchi silk to creeping chiffons to look breathtaking.

Monochrome blouses look more dynamic than the printed ones, but we also have wonderful designs in sequin blouses with bateau neckline and also printed. A large number of celebrities and famous divas from the glamor world wear the blouse pattern with a boat neck for an exclusive look. Blouses with a submarine neckline look elegant and sophisticated at the same time. While the blouses with a submarine neckline go perfectly with fiefdom gas, palazzos and saris. The incredibly rich looks of blouses with a boat neck are always admired. Simple blouses with a bateau neckline made of silk or cotton look incredibly fantastic on simple saris, which are in opposite colors.

Characteristics of boat neck blouses:

Here are some interesting facts and characteristics of a blouse design with a bateau neckline that you should know:

  • Boat necks have a wide neckline that runs horizontally at the front and back and has a slight curve on the shoulder.
  • They resemble the shape of a boat and hence the name boat neck.
  • Blouses with a boat neck have either a side opening or a rear opening, but never a front closure.
  • They come either in simple necks or, depending on the occasion, embroidered.
  • Sometimes sheer panels are attached to these boat necks to create a sensual look.
  • Boat necks touch the collarbone, but can also be cut low for an airy look.

The black, gold and silver blouses go with any color saree or lehenga to give a great look. Simple black or silver or black are colors that match both dark and light colors. Lace blouses with a submarine neckline are also a stunning blouse design that can be combined with other colored saris. A metallic touch of the laced material can give a glamorous look. Metallic colors go very well with radium colors such as bright yellow, orange or shocking pink and dark red. Sequin blouses have always been a star.

Fashion experts also show an incredible design of the velvet blouses. The velvet blouses with a submarine neckline look rich and elegant for carpet events. The experienced designers also experiment with two fabrics such as mesh and velvet or embroidered sleeves with simple blouses and many unusual pairs to achieve a dynamic look.

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