Timeless Tradition: Exploring the Beauty of Bhagalpuri Sarees

Timeless Tradition: Exploring the Beauty of Bhagalpuri Sarees

Indian silk sari are known worldwide for their elegance and opulence. One such type of silk saree is Bhagalpuri silk, also known as tussar silk. These rich looking saris come from the small town of Bhagalpuri on the banks of the Ganges. They have recently been highlighted for the high quality and precision of the fabrics. The history of the Bhagalpuri saris dates back more than 200 years when they were specially designed for the aristocratic class of society. Today Bhagalpuri sarees are made for all classes within reach, and many famous designers have popularized these silk sarees by giving a contemporary touch to these traditional fabrics. Learn more about Bhagalpuri Pattu Sarees and see some of the latest models in this segment.

Meaning of Bhagalpuri Sarees:

Bhagalpuri Sarees are known for their high quality mulberry silk. Traditional silk sari are hand-woven on looms to give them superior strength. The community of Bhagalpuri silk weavers is one of the largest in hand weaving with more than 35,000 weavers and 25,000 looms. Annual sales are estimated at over 100 crores in Indian rupees. These saris are also one of the largest exports of silk outside of India. No wonder why Bhagalpuri is called the “silk city”.

Properties of Bhagalpuri Sarees:

Here are some cool facts about Bhagalpuri Sarees that make them so unique:

  • The fabrics for Bhagalpuri saris are made from the finest silk cocoons.
  • They have a slightly rough texture compared to the other saree types of silk.
  • Bhagalpuri sarees are colored in bright colors such as red, orange, brick, yellow, blue and green to make them suitable for traditional Indian events.
  • There are many varieties of Bhagalpuri sarees such as Giccha, Eri, Mulberry and Katia, which differ from each other in terms of weave and design.
  • The motifs used in Bhagalpuri Saris are inspired by the Mughul era and consist largely of elements of nature.
  • They are very versatile and can be worn for almost any occasion.

Fabrics used in Bhagalpuri Sarees:

Bhagalpuri saris are made exclusively from pure silk threads. However, cheap Bhagalpuri saris available on the market use low quality Art Silk, Kota, Tussar or other artificial substances. Although they are quite economical compared to the traditional Bhagalpuri variety, you will never be able to replace them in terms of grace and wealth.

How to style Bhagalpuri saris?

Bhagalpuri saris are elegant in appearance and require very minimal styling. Here’s how to decorate any occasion in these beautiful curtains:

  • If you plan to attend a wedding, you should opt for antique gold jewelry with a bun and a gajra.
  • For a workwear look, just wear a pearl necklace and choose a half braid or a French braid
  • You can even try equipping these saris with earthen jewelry like terracotta, wood, and even oxidized silver pieces
  • For an ethnic look, try Kundans or Polki to add some shine to the otherwise sober-looking saris
  • Don’t forget the bright red bindi on your forehead to complete your look
  • Opt for a handbag or potli to look gorgeous!

Suitable blouse for Bhagalpuri Sarees:

Check out some of these latest blouse designs that go perfectly with your Bhagalpuri saris:

  • Simple blouse made of raw silk
  • Cotton silk blouse
  • Kutch work blouse
  • Mirror working materials
  • Nets
  • Hand-painted designer blouse
  • Kalamkari blouse
  • Warli art printed blouse

Aren’t these saris just gorgeous? Each of these curtains is woven with the utmost love and passion to make you stand out from the crowd. Be it a board meeting or an ethnic occasion or even a wedding day, Bhagalpuri Saris will adorn every occasion with their size. These minimalist beauties are here to stay long and it’s not an easy task to remove them from the Indian market! Let us know your favorite designs in the comments below!

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