Cultural Extravaganza: Unraveling the Charm of Bangalore Sarees

Cultural Extravaganza: Unraveling the Charm of Bangalore Sarees

India is known for its rich festivals, which are shaped by the women who wear large silk sari. Especially in the southern part of India, the Bangalore silk sari are known for their opulent curtains, which are perfect for all important occasions. The production of Bangalore-Pattu-Saris started in 1898 through our own Jamshedji Tata, by setting up Bangalore silk farms near Basavanagudi. The fine mulberry silk that was produced on these farms was transformed into breathtaking silk sari by intertwining with golden zaris. Elaborate weaves and traditional motifs make Bangalore Pattu Saris one of the most sought after in this segment. Let’s take a look at these amazing curtains and discover the best saris in Bangalore.

Significance of the Bangalore Sarees:

Bangalore sarees are known for simplicity and grace. While the rest of the silk sari, like the Kanjeevarams, are quite rich and heavy in design, these saris are light and look sober. They are perfect for occasions where you wear a royal looking silk saree but don’t go overboard with the design. These saris have also become world famous for their high quality silk and weaving methods.

Properties of Bangalore Sarees:

Here are some of the best features of Bangalore Sarees:

  • Bangalore silk sari have a fairly soft texture with a natural sheen in the fabric.
  • They are available in many colors, both dark and light, depending on taste and occasion.
  • Traditional sarees from Bangalore are quite simple and therefore perfect for hot weather.
  • They are known for detailed weaves that cannot be compared to any other saree.
  • The edges used in saris in Bangalore are very minimal, predominantly in gold zari.
  • Contemporary Bangalore sarees are available in a variety of designs, including heavy embroidery that suits the taste of the younger generation.

Fabric used in Bangalore Sarees:

Pure silk sarees made in Bangalore are originally called Bangalore sarees. However, since many models on the market claim to belong to this category, Bangalore sarees are introduced in a variety of fabrics such as cotton, jacquard, rayon, crepe, etc. Depending on your budget and individual preferences, you can find the best fit in a suitable fabric.

Preferred age group for Bangalore Sarees:

Women in the age groups 30-70 years prefer Bangalore sarees. Traditional sarees from Bangalore give the woman an aristocratic look without making her look exaggerated. With many new designs coming onto the market, these saris are now being adopted by young women in their twenties.

Suitable blouse with Bangalore sarees:

The following are the latest blouse designs for saris in Bangalore:

  • Jhumka embroidery blouse made of silk fabric
  • Banarasi brocade with Golden Zari work
  • Simple brocade
  • Mirror work on raw silk
  • Cotton silk blouse with an elephant motif
  • Zardosi work blouse in 3/4 sleeves
  • Simple matching silk blouse

How to style Bangalore sarees?

Here are some tips on how to style your Bangalore saree:

  • Bangalore sarees are best worn with gold jewelry. A rich necklace with jhumkas makes you look like a beautiful nymph.
  • You can even choose pearl jewelry in colors such as rose pink and sky blue.
  • Try wearing white stone bracelets with these saris to add an element of the bling.
  • You can even wear a beautiful flower brooch to emphasize the beauty of the saree.
  • The recommended hairstyles with these sarees are full braid, half braid and loose hair.
  • White jasmine flowers certainly go very well with these saris.

Aren’t these saris worth your time? Bangalore saris are not only graceful to look at, they are also extremely comfortable. These pure silk saris have an unspoken wealth. Modern Bangalore sarees made of artificial fabrics are inspired by the roots of these sarees and designed for different buyer segments. Next time you’re in Bangalore, you should buy at least one of these saris to appreciate our traditional weaves!

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