Ethnic Elegance: Adorning Yourself with Bandhani Salwar Suits

Ethnic Elegance: Adorning Yourself with Bandhani Salwar Suits

There is absolutely no one who has never heard of bandhani prints. They are the pride of Indian heritage and the textile industry for prints that are no less than art! While the print is also available in Saris and Lehenga Choli, the latest Bandhani Salwar Kameez designs have gained popularity with the mix of contemporary style and modern shades. The fabric is quite simple and offers extreme comfort, which makes it the most popular clothing in summer! Today we’re going to look at different styles and trends of new bandhani salwar suits and patterns that are becoming increasingly popular due to their ethnic appearance and prints.

Bandhani Salwar suits: features

If you assume that all Bandhej Salwar suit designs are the same, you would be shocked to know the different styles within them. Here are some differentiators!

  • Bandhani movements are decorated with different designs ranging from dots, rings and squares.
  • Most of the Bandhani prints represent the tradition of Gujarat and Rajasthan. There are various prints within it, such as the Leheriya print from Rajasthan and others like Jamnagari from Gujarat.
  • The most common colors that are traditional in bandhani prints are yellow, red, blue and green. However, new colors such as gray and black are emerging today.
  • The new variants of the Bandhani designs also have gota or mirror decorations, which give them a majestic feeling.
  • The most common fabrics used in these prints are cotton, chiffon, cotton silk and georgette.

Prints used in Bandhani:

As mentioned above, if you think bandhani is one and the same, you need to know the variant styles within the same print. There are several Bandhani Print Salwar Kameez and here are variations!

  • The art of printing in Bandhani is the tie and dyeing method, which remains the same for all prints.
  • Chemical dyes are currently used to make the prints and the images on the prints are made by tying chains of fabric all over.
  • The default print is the Leheriya print from Rajasthan and Jamnagari from Gujarat. The Leheriya is a wave pattern in which only two colors were originally used to create the same. The stripes alternate diagonally to develop a Leheriya pattern.
  • Jamnagar and Gujarat Bandhani are more complicated with multiple knots. You can also wear designs such as motifs, peacocks and patterns, etc.

How to style bandhani salwar suits?

Well, this can be difficult if you don’t know how to properly style bandhani prints. You will look regal and great looking if you add the right combination of styles.

  • Make sure it stays ethnic. Wear beautiful jhumkas or larger earrings.
  • If you have a solid neck or collar edge, skip the neck piece. Otherwise, you may prefer to wear beautiful Kundan or oxidized jewelry.
  • Ethnic bangles or bracelets can complement the look.
  • Keep it simple with hand accessories and prefer to get great with ear and head accessories.

Bandhani Print Salwar Kameez is always in demand and the most popular print for women. Women keep the bandhani print in the foreground. You just love it. In Bandhani Salwar Kameez there are different types of works and patterns. The bandhani print can confuse someone. The lady looks attractive in the Bandhani Salwar suit. The bandhani print is perfect for every occasion and also for regular wear.

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