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Baby Breastfeeding Pillows

Nursing pillows, or breastfeeding pillows, as it is otherwise called, were originally used to support babies who were not ready to sit. Over time, however, they turned out to be useful nursing pillows. They are simply a small pillow that is placed around the baby so that you can hold the handle in position and drink milk. Nursing pillows for twins are most commonly used and are certainly useful because you don’t have to hold both at the same time when feeding. But more important than anything else is knowing where and how you can place your child on the pillow for a safe breastfeeding position. Check out the quick steps and things you need to be careful of.

  • First, sit in a comfortable position and make sure that your back is well supported.
  • Place the pillow on your lap around your waist.
  • Hold your baby on your side of the pillow and make sure the mouth is aligned with the side of the chest where you want to feed it.
  • Start breastfeeding and be careful not to lower your breast or bend down for it. Raise your arms and bring your baby closer to you.

The nursing pillow can also be used to feed your baby through the bottle. This time, use the bottle to care for it while moving it into position. Most of the time, the pillows are designed to fit around the mother’s stomach and thus provide support when breastfeeding the child.

The many types of nursing pillows:

The market now has a range of nursing pillows. However, if you don’t have the time to search for the many types, here is your complete guide to understanding what you need and what type you need.

1. Ergo nursing pillow:

This is a breastfeeding newborn pillow that boasts a natural curve nursing pillow and thus promotes easy feeding. It helps keep you from lying down. It comes in a range of appealing colors and costs around $ 25 each. It has a light handle and is firm and supportive. The pillow is supple and therefore lies soft on the baby’s body. The company recommends 12-hour care to determine the difference.

2. Nursie slip on nursing pillow:

Here is a perfect portable nursing pillow that is only about 10 inches long and therefore also fits in your diaper bags. Slide this into your arm and the pillow’s soft pillow effectively supports the baby to feed and the mother doesn’t need to bend over. The best thing about this nursing pillow is that you can just throw it into your washing machine for quick washing. It can support any breastfeeding position and is confirmed as the best travel nursing pillow with a price of $ 39.

3. The Twin Z pillow:

This is a nursing pillow for twins. Breastfeeding in itself can be challenging, but it is all the more difficult to feed twins. This is specially designed to feed both at the same time, and the backrest of the pillow ensures that the mother feels comfortable. The pillow is also useful for mothers who have had a caesarean section, relieving pressure on their tummy while breastfeeding. The price is $ 100 and can also be useful to support the babies when they start sitting.

4. Widgey nursing pillow:

This nursing pillow can fulfill several functions. This even includes the prenatal support that mothers need for their back. The pillow clings tightly to the mother’s body around her waist, giving a feeling of safety and comfort when feeding. The flat surface also provides enough rest for the baby’s spine. Use this option to get your baby to sit when they are ready to sit, and to turn the babies on their tummy over the pillow so that they are safe and can build muscle on their back. It has a removable and washable cover made of 100% cotton and costs USD 10.25.

5. Mombo nursing pillow:

The Mombo nursing pillow is a soft pillow that supports the baby and offers the mother a supportive side. The pillows are available in many colors and offer a comfort factor on a different level. It offers the ideal strength to support the baby. The pillow is delivered without cover. So you can buy a cover that you can wash and reuse. It also offers a soft side for lounging around. The simple one is $ 25 and the double-sided nursing pillow is $ 40.

6. Dr. Browns Gia Nursing Pillow:

The standard nursing pillows may not work for mothers with large breasts. This nursing pillow is large and wide and therefore offers more space that is needed. It is a shaped shrimp with one end lower than the other to position the baby on a normal slope. The pillow is washable and very useful for all oversized women. The price is $ 30 and you can also order a pillow case with it.

Now that this is addressed, here are some things to consider when choosing the right pillow for you and your baby.

  1. Answer the question to yourself: “How long in a day do you breastfeed the baby?” If you plan to breastfeed for about 3 months, choose the one that is best for this longevity. If you just want to breastfeed at home, you don’t really have to invest a lot in this product, but choose one that is simple and does justice to everyday use, wear and tear.
  2. Look for the fit. Ideally, the pillow should fit your torso so that the baby’s head and body are positioned at the level of the nipple.
  3. Check out the many shapes like “C”, “O” and also the “crescent” shape. The shape is important because each of them fits the body differently. Choose the most suitable one.

Although we know that taking care of the baby is a daunting task, part of the process can be simplified by choosing the right nursing pillows. Caring for the baby begins with choosing the things that best suit their care needs so that they sleep in comfortable positions. Go right away and choose the nursing pillow that offers you and the baby maximum comfort.

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