Avon Watches: Timeless Timepieces That Add Style to Your Wrist

Avon Watches: Timeless Timepieces That Add Style to Your Wrist

Avon is one of the largest international American manufacturers in the beauty, personal care and household categories. For over 130 years, the company has been striving to deliver the best products in terms of quality and customer satisfaction. Avon is not only an established brand for beauty, it has also launched a range of stylish watches for men and women. Each of the Avon wristwatches is unique in design and style. The Avon watch brand is one of the best of all Avon products on the Indian market.

Avon watch catalog 2020:

Here is a collection of the best Avon men’s and women’s wristwatches available in India, along with the prices that are sure to drool you.

1.Men’s analog – digital watch:

This is an ideal watch for men who are always on the go. Equipped with several functions, it is also a double function clock with analog and digital measured value. The dial shows the date, AM / PM as well as hour, minute and seconds. This flexible silicone watch in black with a red rim is splash-proof and has an optimal price of 3350 INR.

2. Women’s zigzag cuff watch:

This is one of the stylish Avon watches for women that complement her arm full of bangles. The wide metal cuff in a zigzag design is available in bright colors such as raspberry, vanilla and licorice. You can buy this splash-proof watch from Avon by paying only INR 2010.

3.Men’s Diamond Accent Watch:

This is a must for men who have an opulent style. The silver highlight of this Avon wristwatch is the accented diamond at 12 o’clock. There are ribs around the bezel of the watch and the dial is characterized by black sandblasted stripes. This men’s Diamond Accent watch is yours for only INR 3350.

4. Patriotic men’s watch:

This is one of the noble Avon men’s watches at the price of INR 2680. The dial of the watch shows the American flag in the colors blue, white and red. You cannot miss the eagle design on the top. Grab this stylish men’s watch with the brown leather strap with buckle closure.

5. Pop Of Color Watch:

This bright sporty watch is for the girl who loves to dress up. The round dial with the leather-like bracelet is available in the colors purple, blue and lime green. It also has a matching ornate bezel to make it look even brighter. The watch costs INR 1340.

6. Men’s Team Batman watch:

This Avon wristwatch is a unique watch with the Batman logo and a must for every movie fan. This complete silicone wrist watch in black is the perfect party wear. A perfect gift for your man at an ideal price of INR 2680. This is one of the best and best Avon watches for men with the rocking style available on the Indian market.

7. Quilted ladies’ wristwatch:

If you are looking for a stylish watch that defines your high fashion taste, this Avon wristwatch for women is exactly what you have been looking for. This fashionable watch with a rectangular gold stone dial has a leather-like quilted bracelet in red and white color. Get it at just IMR 1340. This is one of the best and most beautiful Avon women’s watches that is easily available in India.

8. Engraved lace cuff watch:

Another evergreen piece from the collection of Avon watches for women. It is made in gold and has a small oval dial with engraved patterns on the entire cuff. It is a perfect watch for occasions when you want to do your best. A classic watch design for every woman. Pay only 35 INR 2345 and grab eyeballs everywhere.

9. Summer Time Watch:

This is another Avon watch for women with a beautiful summer design on the dial. Grab this round dial watch in the colors melon, white and aqua of your choice in only INR 1340. You can rock in style with this beautiful Avon watch.

Above all the best and most beautiful Avon watches for men and women in India along with their prices. You can also get the Avon Ring watches on the market. Try one of them and see all the looks.

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