Exploring Avon Hand Bags: Style and Functionality Combined

Exploring Avon Hand Bags: Style and Functionality Combined

Women’s handbags define your style quotient. Who wouldn’t want to carry a trendy handbag to work or for lunch with friends? Carrying a bag is no longer just for use, but also for your taste in fashion. Nowadays women don’t mind spending more on choosing their handbags. With the markets flooded with a multitude of brands dealing with bags, making the right choice has become even more difficult. A good brand is a brand that maintains its quality consistently, and Avon is certainly one of them. Although Avon is recognized as a top manufacturer of beauty products, it also offers a selection of handbags that are a perfect blend of style and quality.

Amazing Avon handbags

There are different handbag brands on the world market. This article explains beautiful Avon handbags. Take a look at the top 9 collections of Avon handbags with pictures and prices that are very easily available in India.

1. Avon Ultimate shoulder bag:

A very stylish handbag by Avon made of leather-like nylon, accented with gold-colored hardware. The main focus of this bag is on the cross handle and the strap. This Avon Ultimate shoulder bag is perfect for a day trip with two inside pockets and a zip pocket on the inside. Make this stylish bag yours by paying only INR 1340.

2. Empowerment bag:

This is a Avon limited edition handbag that conveys the message of empowering women. There is a message on the handbag that speaks against domestic violence. This bag was made for a good cause and only costs INR 469.

3. Crazy For Canvas Tote:

This canvas bag made of solid girls is a must for young girls. It is one of the hallmarks of Avon handbags in India. It is made of 100% cotton and has a zip pocket, two inside pockets and one outside pocket. This fully functional shopping bag is available in blue or pink for only INR 1340.

4. Tropical applique bag:

A perfect bag for your beach vacation, a swim in the pool or even when you need to run several errands. These 100% cotton bags with polyester lining and leather-like handles are some of the best Avon handbags in India. In addition, this simple take-away bag even makes you look stylish without effort. The Tropical Applique shopping bag is available for INR 1675.

5. Weave a Hobo message:

Indeed a stunning and elegant handbag from the versatile collection of Avon handbags. This bag is made of synthetic leather and trendy imitation suede tassels that are attached to the zipper. The diamond wave pattern on this Avon hobo makes it classic yet cool. This shopping bag costs INR 2680 and is only available in brown color.

6. Everyday Canvas Messenger Handbag:

A very portable handbag from Avon at a reasonable price of INR 1675. Don’t think you need another reason to buy it! This sporty and bright handbag can easily be used for all occasions and in every season. This is one of the best and most perfect Avon handbags for women with good design.

7.Mark carry-all handbag:

This oversized bag is ideal for working women or for someone who has to carry many everyday items. This bag made of polyurethane (100% synthetic leather) consists of 3 inside and 3 outside pockets. Lots of space for everything women could want. For security reasons there is also a zipper on the top.

8. Take me to the Tropics Beach handbag:

This light striped, white striped, oversized handbag from Avon is not to be missed in the list of the 9 best Avon handbags in India. This oversized bag is a perfect companion for a beach day and offers plenty of space for all important things. Make this yours by simply spending INR 2010.

9. Warm Up Muff Bag:

A perfect furry handbag for your cold winter outing. This synthetic leather handbag with metal chain strap immediately fits your style quotient. Grab it at only INR 2546.

These were some of the best selections from the Avon handbags in India. Read this list if you want to buy smart, yet affordable handbags. Avon not only produces trendy handbags for women, but also offers a good selection of Avon school bags for children. Try it!

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