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Artificial Mangalsutra

Do you like to wear designer Mangalsutra designs? Yes? But it sure hurts to invest in gold chains every time you want to try a new one! For this reason, artificial Mangalsutra designs are becoming increasingly popular and it is no surprise that they dominate the real gold market. Artificial chains are made from a variety of metals such as brass, alloy, etc. with a high quality gold coating. They are long lasting and last a few years. Who cares about gold with such a wide range of options? Check out some designs that are on the list.

Features of artificial Mangalsutra designs:

Read on to understand the interesting features of the Mangalsutra artificial chains:

  • Artificial Mangalsutras, as the name suggests, are made from artificial metals with a silver and gold coating.
  • These chains are not waterproof. The shine is therefore lost when they come into contact with water.
  • Artificial chains look like real Mangalsutra chains with a black pearl necklace and a pendant.
  • They imitate real gold jewelry and use semi-precious stones such as rubies, American diamonds, etc. That is why they are called imitation Mangalsutras.
  • These necklaces are ideal for those who want to wear a variety of jewelry without burning a hole in their pockets.

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