Timeless Antique Clock Designs for Classic Décor

Timeless Antique Clock Designs for Classic Décor

Accentuate your home with this pretty, impressive selection of antique watch designs that come in a variety of styles. There are clocks in series such as grandfathers, brackets, table tops, wall clocks, wood and grandmothers. There are models with long casings, pendulums, reverberant chimes and Roman or contemporary numerals. These vintage watches give your living environment a classic and elegant touch. Here are some models of antique clocks that you could address to get one.

Different types of antique clock designs

Here are our 25 simple and modern antique watch designs. Let’s take a look.

1. Solid wood antique mantel clocks:

If you have more furniture at home and want to add more decoration, get this antique clock made of solid wood to make a decorative statement. This is a great option for tables. Try this watch to give to your loved one, or this is also a cool gift for your grandfather on his next birthday.

2. Original oak case antique wall clocks:

This model would definitely fit your home on the walls with no extra space. It’s also a perfect size to make an impression and show off its elegant look. The housing is made of original oak wood, which will be preserved for your future generations. This antique wall clock has large proportions of 35 “high and 20” wide with a 14 “dial of a bevelled glass door.

3. Walnut finished antique grandfather clocks:

It is the old antique watch, which is made of solid wood and weighs about 22.7 kg. It is in walnut color with the model that resembles antique grandfather watches. These watches are with their long casings, pendulums, echoing chimes and Roman numerals. No major assembly is required.

4. Vintage Retro 18 “Antique Cuckoo Clocks:

This antique wall clock is purely hand carved and is built by experienced craftsmen. This watch is 18 inches tall without the weights and the pendulum. It works with simple technology like all other mechanical watches. They consist of designer hands for minutes and hours with Roman numerals.

5. Mahogany antique grandfather clocks:

Boxwood clocks get a normal but shiny look for home decor. You will find the wooden capital with a clock cap. Get this for your room, kids are sure to enjoy this type of clock. Roman numerals are available for easy reading and an old feel for your watch.

6. Easily portable antique car clocks:

These small antique clocks not only look elegant and good on a mantelpiece, but also on a desk. It measures 11 cm high or 14.5 cm when the handle is standing. The watch has a diameter of exactly 8 cm and a depth of 6.7 cm with a white enamel dial. The side panels on the back and top of the watch are made of glass, which allows you to see the fantastic mechanics of the car clock.

7. Vintage antique grandmother watch:

Get this wonderfully designed grandmother’s watch with a mechanical brass movement and a brass key. It is intact with the glass door along with the rear inspection door. It is a carillon model and a little heavier than normal. It measures 53 cm high x 9 cm wide x 7 cm deep.

8. Isolated old vintage antique alarm clock:

These types of antique-style clocks are small and have a built-in alarm. It is a gold, old-fashioned desk alarm clock. The round dial has a white background. The rear part is insulated and has the classic retro style that comes from western countries.

9. Fine handmade vintage skeleton clock:

This is an antique watch with an 8-day Fusee movement. It has a pass with 6-spoke wheel work. The anchor escapement is also included in this model. It consists of a compensating pendulum with cylindrical tin and a wooden stick. The entire set stands on the white marble base, which is covered with an oval glass dome.

10. Antique long case pendulum clocks:

These varieties of large antique clocks are made from beech hardwood and have a dark lacquered finish. It contains other materials such as metals, brass and glass for building other components. The entire pendulum set is made of heavy brass and is definitely an attractive component for young people who prefer modern concepts.

11. Carved antique wooden clock:

This piece of the carved wooden clock is an ancient craft that is handmade and is ideal as a gift and home decor. It reaches the final shade of antique brown and measures approximately 18 * 18 inches. Everyone definitely wants to have these antique-looking wall clocks as the ideal home decor in every season.

12. Antique French gilded bronze table clock:

Here is the dazzling model of a small antique watch with its new-looking sheen that was discovered from the French gold-plated bronze metal. It is the original antique table clock in a classic style. The watch case is decorated on the side with acanthus leaves and acanthus rounds. Overall, the watch is beautifully modeled with an eagle sitting on the pillow-shaped top. It has a copper-lacquered dial with a separate minute ring and fine brass hands.

13. Antique porcelain shelf clocks:

Discover the beauty of his cream-colored and pistachio-shaded antique watch that can easily be kept on a shelf. This antique clock is ideal for home decor and is made of porcelain. It has a round dial with a white background. It has a brass touch that is circled around the dial and also within the dial.

14. Clock model antique bracket clocks:

This antique style watch has a well proportioned, compact, ebonized, inverted bell case. It measures W 2.54 mm x D 2.54 mm x H 34.29 cm in size. It has a brass handle with pierced wooden frets on the front and back door. It also consists of a wonderfully engraved back plate on which the manufacturer’s signature is written.

15. Antique school house style regulator clock:

This watch has a round dial with an octagonal shape. It has a Roman numeral with a white background. The pendulum is made of brass and an elevator key is included. The entire outer case is made of a hardwood that extends the life of the watch.

16. Analogue antique gold watches:

This antique looking wall clock has a conventional analog display with large gold digits. This antique watch has a resin case in itself and an elegant antique gold finish that adds to its appealing look. With the hands of this clock you can easily read the time from every corner of your house. It is made entirely of resin and the color is similar to gold metal with an open dial for a stylish look.

17. French antique bronze clocks:

This antique style watch shows a sculpture of a seated young woman feeding chicks. The brass movement of this watch runs exactly on a winding for a week and counts the hour and a half on a silver bell.

18.Torsion pendulum antique anniversary watches:

Here is the anniversary watch, which is also referred to as “torsion pendulum clocks”. They are referred to as anniversary watches because they can run for a whole year with a single winding. This watch is embedded in a glass display case with a dial on a white background. The dial also has floral prints, which are the highlight of this model. These types of watches are very practical and also easily accessible.

19. Antique kitchen clocks mounted on the wall:

Discover this old antique clock with total dimensions of 38 cm x 38 cm. The display size of this watch is 10 inches. It has a shiny gold metal touch with wall mounting. This particular model is ideal for the kitchen environment. This round dial watch has a white background with numbers embedded in brass. And doesn’t have very big minute and hour hands.

20. Spring-driven antique porcelain clocks:

It is a very special design with the unusual gray-green color of this antique watch, which makes it extremely appealing. The porcelain case is in excellent physical condition with a 5 inch diameter porcelain dial. The entire set measures 14.5 “W x 11.75” H x 5 “T. This has overtaken a spring powered movement with exposed escapement. It works with 8 day pallets with jewels and good mechanical service.

21. Antique vintage clocks on the side wall:

This is a range of analog antique wall clocks to create the perfect wall attraction that everyone would like. The characteristics of this wall clock, including the handling style and the dial design, give each wall of your house character and charm. This designer clock mounted on the side of the wall would be 3 feet from the wall. It measures 86 cm x 94 cm x 110 cm in its dimensions.

22. Antique forest cuckoo clocks:

This antique wall clock has a size of approx. 19 “H x 13” W, which extends from the top of the deer horns to the bottom of the game bag. At the base is the option game 8-inch hanging rabbit and pheasant big game bag. It has a dark walnut shell with green tinted leaves. It is specially imported from Germany to maintain the country’s original antique touch.

23. Metal table antique clock:

This is a vintage piece for your home decor that has a three-legged table with the antique clock. It definitely gives your home or living space, wherever it is kept, an old world charm. The watch is browned. The handmade details of this antique version make the watch a rustic and elegant designer piece. The cream-colored background of the dial shows standard Roman indices. In addition, hour and minute hands add classic elegance to the room in which they are set up.

24. Designer Handed Antique Wall Clocks:

Discover this multitude of antique wall clocks that have become more stylish and trendy over the years. This watch has the outer case made of copper and the dials are round in shape. In addition, the background of the store is pure white with numbers marked in black, making it visible to everyone at every angle. It also has the second hand to make it look more alive. The numbers are in Roman and the hands of the watch are specially designed for the best vintage looks. This clock looks so simple and still gives your home a perfect interior.

25. Antique brass and copper mantelpiece clocks:

Take a look at the antique clocks of this heavy metal, where both copper and bronze are used for the outer edges. There is only the likeness of the sun glowing with copper flames. It is the ideal interior for your home. The numbers are usually displayed with a white background and have a round dial. It only has hour and minute hands without the presence of the second hand. But it clearly marks every minute with an even distance between them. The numbers are displayed in black contrasting color to the background.

What else do you need? All of the variants of antique watch designs discussed above have their own specialties and properties that distinguish them perfectly in this modern world. There is a wide variety of models that can be used in any living style with a lively interior. They have table clocks, large grandfather clocks, vintage clocks, clocks with brackets, alarm clocks with alarm function and also clocks made of metal such as gold, bronze and copper.

Here, too, you have the option of choosing the background of the dial and the shapes of the dials yourself. You have the model that displays both Roman and contemporary numerals. You can make your choice according to the interiors that are themed in your house. With these antique clocks not only these wise men make their choice, but also the young generations are very interested in these showpieces.

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