Radiant Sparkle: 2 Carat Diamond Rings for Special Moments

Radiant Sparkle: 2 Carat Diamond Rings for Special Moments

Diamonds are the most popular gem in the feminine community. Diamond necklaces and rings are the two most valuable gifts that a husband makes of his special half on special occasions. Let’s get to a two carat diamond ring that actually weighs about 400 milligrams or 2.5 grams. 1 carat diamond rings are comparatively smaller than 2 carats, but both are commonly used as wedding rings. Although there is a price difference between the one and the two carat diamond ring, people love to buy the larger diamond because of its shine and elegance.

The diamonds are available in a different color range from D, which is colorless to light yellow Z. The diamonds have different shapes and the style with which the diamond is placed on precious metal such as gold or platinum can be solitaire, halo style, masterwork style, classic style or as three stones on the precious metal.

Buying a diamond is not easy, there are several things to check out along with designs and shape choices. One of the most important reviews for assessing the purity of the diamond and its quality. The best known are GIA and AGS laboratories for assessing the grade.

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