Vibrant Hall Colour Designs for Lively Spaces

Vibrant Hall Colour Designs for Lively Spaces

It’s 2020! Time to upgrade your hall color design from standard white and beige to a vibrant and vibrant color palette! So what are the latest colors that most interior designers will vouch for this year? From soothing pastel tones to bright, eye-catching colors, you are likely to find many unexpected shades that will add a touch of drama to your hall!

In this article, we have selected some of our most popular wall colors for a hall so you can choose the right one that reflects your unique style and personality!

How do I choose the best colors for your hall?

If the design of your hall is a big challenge, it is a different matter to choose the right color for the hall! Most people find it discouraging to find the right shadow for the hall walls and therefore play it safe with a subdued shadow like white or gray. However, you can follow these simple tips to add color to your room and brighten the environment:

  • First, make a mental sketch of how your room should look! Do you have inspiration like a beach theme, boho, vintage, classic, rustic? If so, it makes your job super easy! Choose all colors and shades that best match your description of an ideal hall!
  • When this is done, get in touch with your interior designer and understand the basics of color scheme techniques. Pick some of your favorite colors and decide whether you want monochrome (single color), a free scheme (choosing opposite colors like black and white), an analog scheme (choosing related colors like teal), etc.
  • If you’re still sticking to neutral hues like beige or gray, you can use either the ceiling or a solid wall to add a contrasting color that enlivens the room without overdoing it.
  • Make some color swatches on the walls to see if you love the color you chose! This way you get a realistic picture of what your paint really looks like on the wall, saving you time and money.
  • If you want to use dark colors like deep blue, maroon etc. you can do this, but with caution! Use a deeper shade on just one wall to avoid making your hall look like a Gothic cave! Keep the ceiling, side walls, and other interior elements in lighter shades to even out the dark walls.
  • Don’t hesitate to experiment with lighter colors like green, yellow, orange, etc. to give your room a peculiar character.

Vastu tips for choosing the best hallway color design:

According to Vastu Shastra, colors have a significant impact on the physical and mental well-being of the residents of the house. For this reason, Vastu experts recommend the use of specific Vastucolors for the hall in order to attract positive energy while increasing the style quotient. Here are some of the Vastu colors for the hall that faces north, east, or northeast in a house:

  • White
  • beige
  • cream
  • yellow
  • Light pink

It is believed that these colors add peace and tranquility to your home. They also add a touch of refined elegance and fill your room with warmth and happiness!

We hope you loved these latest hall color designs and are ready to use some of these ideas for your home. You are not sure whether a color combination is suitable for the room. Do not hesitate to consult an interior decorator. If possible, have a virtual design created to see if your ideas are worth the investment!

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