Timeless Style: Levis Jeans for Every Wardrobe

Timeless Style: Levis Jeans for Every Wardrobe

Jeans is a piece of clothing that is a must for the wardrobe of every man and woman. This indispensable and versatile garment suits all types of days. Among the different brands of jeans making around the world, Levis jeans for men and women are quite famous for obvious reasons – it’s pretty stylish, contemporary, and has a seamless fit. The jeans invented by the American Levi Strauss have been making rounds with all young people ever since. Today we will see the best of the latest Levis Jeans India collection. Be it a casual look or formal / semi-formal style options, all you need is to have this in your wardrobe to be sorted! You can have a stunning look for sure and be sure to look gorgeous or handsome!

Levis Jeans features:

Like other branded jeans, Levi Strauss jeans have similar properties, but are more diverse than others. Here are some that will follow.

  • The Levis Jeans are available in different colors and colors. You can indulge your taste and prefer lighter shades of blue, black or gray.
  • The jeans are available for both men and women. From now on, Jean’s fit differs depending on gender and style. You will find the slim fit, the slim fit, the high waist, the relaxed variant, the classic and other shapes in the same.
  • If you are interested in modern styling techniques, you can even find torn jeans variants in their different styles.

Levis Jean Fit Codes:

The different types of Levis jeans offer different fits and options. Therefore, we need to understand what types of fits there are and which ones suit us best.

Levis Jean Fit Codes for Men:

  • 501 Classic fit with a straight leg
  • 505 Regular fit, fits through the thigh and sits at the waist
  • 510 slim fit with thin leg
  • 511 slim fit with tapered leg
  • 513 slim fit with straight leg
  • 514 Normal seat with a straight leg
  • 517 slim fit with boot cut
  • 527 slim fit with slim boot cut
  • 541 Sporty fit with a straight leg
  • 550 Relaxed fit with a tapered leg
  • 560 Loose fit with a tapered leg
  • 569 Loose fit with a straight leg

Levis Jean Fit Codes for women:

  • 505 Regular fit with a medium rise
  • 512 Curvy fit with a classic rise
  • 515 Normal fit with boot cut
  • 518 Relaxed fit with a low rise
  • 524 slim fit with low rise
  • 529 Curvy fit with a medium rise
  • 535 slim fit with low rise

How to identify original Levis jeans:

Levis is a fairly famous brand around the world and we often come across duplicate versions of the same. We all want to enjoy the comfort and style of the original brand. So we can quickly distinguish the fake from the original jeans.

  • You can easily find style markings in original jeans in three places. On the price tag, the label and the label near the waist
  • The brand name is given on the rivets in Levi’s jeans
  • The real Levis jeans always have the style number indicated behind the buttons
  • If you discover original jeans, you will always find text in black color on them. Most counterfeit jeans have misaligned text
  • Most importantly, the original jeans have a red Levis flap in their pockets.

How to style Levi’s jeans:

For different versions of Levis Strauss Jeans, here are some tips on how you can best style them.

  • If you have lighter jeans, always make sure to wear lighter outerwear.
  • Men can only combine Levi’s jeans with boots or shoes.
  • Women may prefer to wear sneakers on Levis jeans to look cooler and hotter.
  • You may prefer to wear the shirts if you wear them with high-rise jeans. Alternatively, women can also experiment with crop tops
  • Striped t-shirts, shirts and everyday looks go best with these jeans.
  • If you have colored Levis jeans (which are available in popular colors like red, blue, green, white, and brown these days), prefer to wear only lighter tops.

Although the company had many competitors, the Levis jeans were unique and different from other well-known brands. People used to wear Levis jeans, which due to their classic fit, style and durability refused to wear other bottoms. In addition to jeans, Company also has other products such as trousers, shorts, skirts, T-shirts and other accessories such as shoe belts and many others in its shopping cart. Levis has its own branches worldwide and they even channel their products through many large stores.

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