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Temple Jewellery Earrings

Temple Jewellery Earrings

Temple decorations are traditional in appearance. Temple decorations are mainly seen with dancers from Bharatanatyam and Kuchipudi. Temple jewelry is a fine job that Indian artisans and jewelers do with a lot of painful and hard work. The minute in tiny work in the excellence of jewelry takes a lot of time to be done.

You can expect to wait a year for the artwork you want, be it a jhumkha, a pendant, earrings or necklaces. It’s worth the time and money if you keep an eye on it.

Temple Earrings Designs:

Check out some beautiful, eye-catching temple earring designs that you can order yourself.

1. Double peacock and a temple bell design earrings:

These beautiful earrings are decorated with fine round and shaped rubies, which give the golden peacock earrings a valuable look. At the end, the bell shape is attached with tiny hangings of white pearls that enhance the beauty of the earrings and complete them.

2. Manek ratna Paan Form Guinea Coin Earrings:

Check out this elegant work of art. The main part with a goddess embossed on gold is fastened with fine works of manek, diamonds and pearls. The goddess, which is stamped on a piece of gold in the middle, is the Guinea coin design. The pan shape makes it more beautiful.

3. Temple earrings with ruby ​​and emeralds:

Rubies and emeralds give gold and silver a touch of richness. The goddess, who was made on the Guinea in the middle and in the suspension, is fastened with a mere attachment of the gold tip, which is set with rubies and emeralds. Underneath is a beautiful drop of the same pearls in ruby ​​and emerald color, which gives the earrings the finishing touch.

4. Goddess Lakshmi coin, traditional temple earring:

The best temple earrings to match your ethnic sari look. You can wear these earrings in any traditional function. The simple look of the Lakshmi coins, which form a floral pattern, makes you tall enough for other jewelry. The emerald in between and a maroon pearl hanging give him a last impression.

5. Round traditional temple decorations:

The circular design of these earrings covers your entire ear and gives you a glamorous look. The shiny diamond in the middle, surrounded by golden drops and fenced with gold-trimmed white pearls, gives the whole piece a sober but rich look.

6. White gold plated pearl earrings:

The traditional Indian jewelry has a signature with the temple jewelry. These fantastic earrings with tiny pearls are gold plated. The design speaks for itself. This pattern took a lot of time and hard work to finish.

7. Blue Diamond Temple Earrings:

These earrings are made of brass. The top is made of blue American diamonds and the hanging is colored with Minakari work by Indian artisans.

8. Silver Temple Jewelery Design:

These silver earrings give you a traditional look of temple jewelry. The antique look gives you an elegant style.

9. Simple earrings with water drops:

This sober design of the earrings takes a teardrop shape with cut emeralds in the border. You can wear it on any outfit.

Temple jewelry can be worn in any outfit these days. People decided to contrast the western outfit with traditional jewelry. You can go for the temple decorations for the best look. Temple jewelry is more expensive than other designs, but once you wear it, you can feel its value on your body.

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