Step into Elegance with Purple Salwar Suits

Step into Elegance with Purple Salwar Suits

The terms “elite”, “powerful”, “outstanding” and “royal” match the color purple. Purple is one of the premium colors in the color palette and was once a royal favorite. This mysterious color so impressed Queen Elizabeth I’s heart that she ordered the use of purple to be banned for anyone other than the royal members. Purple salwar kameez sets were very popular with the royal woman of the Mughul era. The rarity of the dye and the exclusivity of this shade made them fit for the aristocratic women. In this article we have put together some of the latest and trendy designs from Purple Salwar Kameez for every woman who is a queen in her own way!

Fabrics used for purple salwar suit:

The natural purple dye used to be used only for cotton and silk because it had better color absorption and binding properties. However, the modern fabrics are mass-produced with artificial dyes in order to make them economical and durable. Materials such as georgette, net, satin, velvet, chiffon, lycra, rayon and art silk are widely used.

Preferred age group for purple salwar suits:

The nice thing about the purple color Salwar Kameez is that it suits a woman of all ages. The dark but subtle color complements the Indian skin tone than any other color. It can improve a woman’s complexion and make her look radiant. For this reason, the color purple is an instant love for young girls and old women!

How to style purple salwar suits?

Purple salwar suits are very versatile when it comes to styling. You can literally put on a purple dress and still look graceful! For a perfect, flawless look, we recommend following the following style tips from our experts:

  • Choose darker purple tones with a little more shine on the dress for night events and weddings.
  • Light purple tones such as lilac and lavender are ideal for day parties for a soothing look
  • Green, light pink and white accessories complement the strong purple tone quite well.
  • Wear a sequin mesh dupatta that definitely sparkles like a diamond
  • Wear contrast colored jutis or high heels with your purple suit for a desi girl look
  • Don’t forget an embroidered bag to carry your knickknacks while looking trendy

How to choose purple salwar combinations?

The classic color combinations with purple and green, purple-white or purple-pink. For day parties, a lighter color was chosen with the Purple Kurti or Salwar and a stronger color for night parties. But this is the millennial generation who hates adhering to the rules! Check out their favorite purple color combinations that are now trending:

  • Peach Salwar With Purple Kurti
  • Yellow and purple salwar
  • Purple Salwar With Silver Dupatta
  • Purple and black with beige dupatta
  • Two-tone purple dress with mesh dupatta
  • Purple Kurti with a gray palazzo

Aren’t these pieces just beautiful? Purple salwar suits are a safe choice for any occasion, from weddings to simple workwear. The vibrant shade of purple improves your skin tone and makes you look photogenic immediately. By trying different color combinations and patterns, you can create a different look each time. What’s stopping you? Choose your favorite model and get ready to kill!

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