Space-Saving Solutions: Folding Door Designs for Practical Living

Space-Saving Solutions: Folding Door Designs for Practical Living

Doors are the most important elements in the house. They offer security and of course privacy! While doors are inevitable for your home, they are not delivered in one size! Especially if you live in narrow spaces or in extra-large houses with wide entrances, folding door designs outsmart the standard doors. You are flexible, innovative and stylish – just want your dream home needs!

As the name suggests, folding doors are foldable designs with a series of movable panels. They are an expanded version of sliding doors that are great for indoor and outdoor use. This article serves as a guide to understand the meaning of the design, types and buying tips for folding doors. All this plus 10 latest designs! Scroll down to read more!

What is a folding door?

Folding door is a design of precision and advanced technology in which door panels can be folded and opened. They are also folding doors or folding doors, although the number of panels is more than two. These doors are mainly made of wood, metal or plastic, with glass for better visibility and ventilation.

What are the different types of folding doors?

Folding doors are supplied with 2 doors or 2 sets with 2 doors with a total of 4 doors. Here are some of the common types of folding doors to choose from:

  • Room divider: They are often used to separate a large room into two rooms and are usually made of glass. These are also known as French bifold glass doors.
  • Cupboard doors: They come with 2 or 4 doors and are used as closet doors. These doors consist of wooden panels or blinds, which are called slat doors.
  • Raised panel doors: They are made for cupboards or pantries and use used wooden panels.
  • Flat screen doors: These doors consist of flat wooden panels that can be used as cabinet doors or even as room dividers.

What is the importance of folding doors?

Why are folding door designs in high demand these days? The answer is simple: folding doors look and practical. Here are some of the key benefits of folding doors for your home:

  • Space saver: Folding doors take up very little space in your room. They can be “folded” or opened at your choice to create a narrow to very wide space.
  • Natural light: Bi-folding doors mostly consist of glass panes to allow natural sunlight into the room. You can also divide the light between the rooms to brighten up your entire home.
  • Safety: Folding doors are not only stylish to look at, they are also safe! They are supplied with automated or manual locking systems to protect your home from unwanted interference.
  • Maintenance: The materials used in folding doors are easy to clean and maintain. They are weatherproof and very durable.

What you should know before buying folding doors?

Here is a simple guide to buying folding door designs you need to know before making this investment:

  • Folding doors are expensive compared to normal doors. They are not intended for your bedroom or bathroom unless you adjust their size.
  • Choosing the right material is an important step. Aluminum folding doors are more popular than wood or PVC doors due to a number of factors. They are cheap, durable and light. Opt for aluminum if you want a reasonably good folding door.
  • If you have chosen wooden folding doors, remember that they require a lot of maintenance. You need to clean, paint and coat them from time to time.
  • Next, measure the size of the door to determine the number of panels. You can choose between at least two and a maximum of 16 panels.
  • Decide whether you want a folding door “hanging up” or “rolling down”. Outweigh their pros and cons before voting for one.

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