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Simple Necklace Designs

Young girls and women love to wear simply designed accessories around their necks that not only add to the beauty of women, but also complement the clothes they wear. A simple kurta and jeans give a monotonous look, but when combined with a simple necklace that is available in every store.

Girls time to learn about the top 15 simple necklace designs that really make a difference in your clothing style. A simple chain with a plastic dollar tag has disappeared these days. Now it’s time to update the new and latest design that goes with a simple dress or kurta.

Nice simple necklace designs for young women in trend:

Here are the best models of simple necklaces with pictures.

1. Multi-colored pearls simple necklace:

The fascinating multicolored necklace in combination with a simple kurta or a dress gives a dashing look. The beads have different sizes and shapes that are joined together using the thread with handmade circular rings attached to the beads.

2. Thread chain with silver pendant:

The green thread is very simple and still makes its own style statement accessory. The thread chain is usually short with the hook attachment. This type of necklace is combined with an oxidized nickel silver pendant. One of the most famous designs is the oxidized hollow silver pendant with an antique design around the pendant. The thin black thread is connected to the trailer with a hook attached to the trailer.

3. Bib design necklace:

Bib necklace, as the name itself explains, the design of this necklace is modeled as a bib that is used to tie around the child’s neck that covers the chest area. The same design is created when making simple necklace designs. This design is created by connecting many pendants into a single necklace. The design of the silver bib chain is comparatively cheaper than that of the real gold bib. Color coated metal bib necklace is more popular with teenagers.

4. Collar gold necklace:

The collar chain is designed to cover the collar area just below the neck, making it look like a choker necklace design. With this simple gold chain, the chain is attached to the hook on the back of the chain. The finish of this type of necklace can be made as a matte or matte necklace

5. Braided textile chain:

This type of simple necklace design consists of 90% cotton, which is collected in the textile industry as recycled scrap material. This material is braided and put together into three crochet chains. This type of necklace can be made from a single or multi-colored textile material.

6. Herring Bone Design Simple Silver Chain:

The herringbone pattern is a close-fitting stream of a metal pattern that makes it look flat and thick. The width of the chain can be made thin to very thick. The chain is best worn as a simple chain without a pendant or additional stones.

7. Gold and pearl necklace:

This kind of simple necklace design is made of gold and pearl. This rose gold chain with five pearls is attached at the same distance. This chain is suitable for simple occasions and parties.

8. Simple simple rose gold necklace with infinity symbol pendant:

The Infinity pendant is the best-selling and most popular pendulum design among young girls. For this reason, the designers have created a rose gold necklace with an infinity pendant, which is also made of rose gold. The length of this type of necklace is about 6 to 9 cm long.

9. Twisted gold-sterling silver necklace:

Due to the combination of silver and gold, the price of the necklace is cheaper than that of the pure gold chain. These young girls chose this type of necklace. The gold and silver metal is combined with the latest machine technology to form a twisted design.

10. Rolo chain with a single diamond pendant:

The rolo chain pattern is common in men and women. It is natural for women to choose a diamond pendant than for any other stone. This single diamond pendant with rolo chain necklace gives an evening dress a simple look.

11. Gold necklace with crystal studded bar bar necklace:

A 6 to 7 inch gold chain is highlighted by a strong block of gold set with white crystals in the middle of the bar, making it more charming. Girls will definitely look pretty and great in a party dress.

12. Sweet heart-shaped pendant necklace:

Cute heart-shaped pendant necklace that makes a simple silver chain look more expensive and precious. For men, this designed necklace is the best gift you can think of as a Valentine’s Day gift !!

13. Tassel pendant simple necklace:

Tassel pendant is a hanging pendant that is made by combing a lot of thin thread into what looks like a ponytail. This type of design is used as a pendant along with a thread or rope and also with a silver necklace. The tassel can also be formed by combing thin silver metal into one that is attached to a thick silver chain.

14. Marble pendant gold necklace:

This is a striking necklace design that many girls like to have in their necklace collection. The size of the marble can be small to large. For a simple necklace, a small square marble that is attached to a gold base and hangs on the gold chain that holds the marble in place.

15. Wooden pearl necklace:

From a small jute-colored thread, a beautifully simple necklace can be processed with just a few pieces of wood carved into colored pendants. The shape of the pendant is also round to hexagonal. The length of this type of necklace is approximately 5 to 7 inches.

Young girls and women always like to complement their jewelry collection, which is not a wrong attitude, but it is the fashion trend that creates different designs and jewelry collections that attract and love women to own in their jewelry collection. In any case, this list also includes the simple necklace designs mentioned above !!

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