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Short Mangalsutra Designs

Short Mangalsutra Designs

The importance of a Mangal Sutra for an Indian bride does not require special mention. Mangalsutra is the epitome of marriage in almost all communities. It is also considered a bad omen for a married woman to remove her Mangal Sutra when the husband is alive. This can be quite difficult for modern women who are not used to wearing heavy chains with their western outfits. Short Mangalsutra chains have been created to solve this problem. Find out why it’s so popular in the world today and choose from some of the latest short Mangalsutra designs.

Meaning and properties of short Mangal Sutra:

Let us get to know the meaning of the short Mangalsutra chains as well as the trend features:

  • Short Mangalsutras are available in sleek and minimalist designs that are stylish yet comfortable.
  • Most women prefer these chains over long, traditional Mangalsutras because they are versatile for styling.
  • These models are also great for everyday wear, evening wear and even for weddings and festive outfits.
  • They come in necklaces or longer chains, mostly in gold and black pearls.
  • Short sutras are available in single-breasted, double-breasted, or three-breasted models that match dresses and saris.
  • Small pendants made of solid metal or diamonds give the black chains a sparkling element.
  • Meena work and enamel work are also preferred to get a colorful look.

These are some of the best short Mangalsutra designs you can try. While these are illustrative models, you can also try a variety of other designs to create a whole new pattern. You can also take a simple black pearl necklace and change the pendants depending on the occasion. By adding traditional elements, they can be suitable for weddings and other gatherings. If you are particularly interested in a small Mangalsutra model, these designs are ideal for you!

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