Screen Door Designs: Enjoying Fresh Air and Security with Stylish Screen Doors

Screen Door Designs: Enjoying Fresh Air and Security with Stylish Screen Doors

When it comes to security, there is simply no compromise! Conventional entrance doors made of wood or metal look strong, but burglars can easily tackle them. Modern homeowners don’t take any chances and choose screen door designs to live peace of mind!

Screen doors are installed outside your main front door and act as the first line of defense for your home. In addition to security, these doors offer numerous advantages that are worth investing in. Read on to understand the purpose of these doors, as well as the types, buying tips, and 10 latest designs.

What is a screen door?

A screen door is a type of outer door that is usually made of a metal grille. They are also known as storm doors and allow adequate ventilation to get into your home without letting insects or pests in. Modern screen door designs are equipped with an advanced locking mechanism to increase the security and privacy of your home.

What are the different types of screen doors?

A screen door consists of a simple aluminum frame in various designs. These are the most popular types that are available on the market for various purposes:

  • Double doors: These are the most popular types of storm doors that work in a rocking style.
  • Retractable screen doors: They are flexible doors that disappear seamlessly into the hinge.
  • Sliding doors: They are most often used for patios or backyards with a slide on the model door.

What are the main advantages of screen doors?

Whether you’re planning a new home or renovating, here are the top reasons to consider screen doors for your home:

  • Inviting entry: Instead of keeping your doors “closed” for your guests, you can use a screen door to make your home more inviting without compromising security.
  • Better ventilation: A grille from a screen door allows better airflow and light into the room to make your interior brighter and airier.
  • External protection: Double your security at home with screen doors. In addition to unwanted entry, these doors also protect against extreme sun, rain and snow.
  • Appealing look: With many designs on the market, you can use screen doors to complement the aesthetics of your exterior and leave an impression.

Points to consider before buying screen doors:

To help you shop better, we recommend reviewing these important points before making a decision:

  • quality: You have to keep in mind that buying a cheap screen door can make your home vulnerable to theft and burglary. Therefore, you have to choose a robust material such as aluminum, metal or alloy. Analyze their advantages and disadvantages in terms of durability, stability and maintenance.
  • Installation method: Screen doors come in two types of installation styles: flush mounting and tubular frame mounting. The flush mounting seals the gap between the doors and offers a better lock compared to the tubular frame.
  • Insect repellent: Understand whether the screen door can keep insects like mosquitoes, houseflies and even rodents away. Carefully check the size of the net to make sure that even a tiny, unwanted creature doesn’t enter the house.
  • Design: Let your screen door blend with the natural decor of your home by opting for a unique design that fits your needs and budget.

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