Round Ceiling Designs: Adding Architectural Interest with Circular Ceilings

Round Ceiling Designs: Adding Architectural Interest with Circular Ceilings

A false ceiling is the first thing people notice in your house. It also contributes to the overall visual attractiveness of the room. Although there are numerous designs on the market, round false ceiling designs are the most popular. In a square or rectangular room, a circular roof construction ensures a strong geometric match.

The rounded figures on the ceiling can also serve as the perfect backdrop for your fans, chandeliers or even decorative curtains. Not only do they hide the ugly wires and rods, they also enhance their beauty. These designs are extremely versatile, so you can choose whether you want to use a large circular element in the middle or a stack of circles in different arrangements.

To make your work easier, we have selected 10 of the best round ceiling designs for your dream home.

Best round false ceiling designs

Read on to be inspired by our simple and latest collection of ideas for designing round ceilings with pictures:

1. Latest round ceiling design for home:

Check out this stunner of a blanket that can add glamor to your room. The rectangular ceiling is accented with three circular drops in the middle. Background lights are added around them to create a lively mood. Notice how they are placed directly over the seating area, where you don’t have to worry about additional decoration.

2. Round ceiling with lights:

Check out this ceiling design inspired by the beauty of the full moon night. The otherwise basic ceiling pattern has a circular center piece. Two round drops are arranged to create this pattern, and LED lamps are attached inside. So when you turn on the lights, you can get a heavenly feeling without leaving your comfort zone.

3. Pop Round Ceiling Designs:

Here is a futuristic false ceiling design made of plasterboard. The magnificent pattern consists of the main circle that protrudes from the ceiling and surrounds an artistic pattern. Dimmed lights are added at strategic locations to highlight the overall design without making it look over the top. You can either go for a fan or order Chandelier in the middle.

4. Plaster round ceiling designs:

Transform the entire look of your home with this amazing round ceiling design. It is perfect for your living room or personal theater. The plaster ceiling is divided into sections using the circular drops, and green lights are added to create a galaxy-like effect. You can even use round pendant lights around the main piece to imitate the stars.

5. Round ceiling designs for living room:

Here is a simple but artistic false ceiling design. In the middle a round drop is added, from which three extensions run to the corner. From an angle it looks like the sun and its rays. You can set up different lighting styles to add a colorful drama. Holding the rest of the lights in daylight white can brighten your room.

6. Round ceiling design for bedroom:

If you are looking for a neat and functional false ceiling for your bedroom, then here is a design for you! The round blanket is artistically cut to create this brand new pattern. The epicenter remains for the fan slot, while edges that flow down the circle hold lamp posts. Isn’t that innovative? Just keep it in white and cream instead of colors.

7. Best round ceiling designs for hall:

If the class is what you want, nothing can match the beauty of a pure white blanket! The semi-circular cut gives it a unique look that has never been seen before! In between, tiny light bulbs are added to sparkle, and the edges are highlighted with bright LED light bulbs. This suits a hall or a roof and is ideal for rooms with a purely white theme.

8. Modern round ceiling designs for space:

If you have an exceptionally large room like this meeting room, you can try to achieve a dome effect using a round false ceiling. The concentric circles can make your room appear large and voluminous. It also gives an airy feeling when it spreads outwards. Just add bright LED lamps and you’re sorted!

9. Colored design with a round ceiling:

For those who love colors, this blanket is an ideal choice! The multicolored circular pattern in the middle consists of four circles of different sizes, which are kept in vivid colors. It has a striking effect on our eyes and the addition of onions increases the beauty three times. This pattern works well in children’s playrooms to create a lively environment.

10th round ceiling decoration:

Here is a brilliantly made design, made especially for long rooms. The layered style of this false ceiling gives the area a sense of cost without making it look clumsy. It has a circular drop with three wooden panels that extend to the width of the room. Lights are placed in the corners and along the ceiling cutout to achieve this brightly lit look.

After seeing these 10 inspiring circular false ceiling designs, which one did you like the most? Circles are the easiest shapes to work with and can be tweaked to create fascinating patterns. Regardless of whether you choose a pop or a plaster cast, round drops can act as intelligent partition walls on the roof, without this being too obvious!

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