Printed Blouses: Stylish and Trendy Blouses with Printed Patterns

Printed Blouses: Stylish and Trendy Blouses with Printed Patterns

A blouse is an essential part of your ethnic wardrobe. A well-made blouse can make a decisive difference to your look and even turn a blunt saree into an interesting outfit! While the simple, one-color blouses are a staple in your closet anyway, you also have to invest in some printed blouses! Printed blouses are a sure-fire way to draw people’s attention to your clothes and make a lasting impression. From landscapes to flowers, from idols to lettering, there is no lack of creativity in this segment. What’s more? 3D prints, realistic images and even surreal, abstract prints! If you’re as excited as we are, get ready to discover the latest designs.

Characteristics of printed blouses:

Printed saree blouse designs fall into two main categories: hand-printed, machine-printed

Hand-printed blouses:

  • Hand prints or blouses with block printing use natural colors to create vivid hues.
  • Pen Kalamkari, Ajrakh, Batik Print etc. are usually supplied by the meter, from which the blouse parts are cut.
  • These blouses are made of either cotton or silk.
  • Flowers, animal prints, geometric patterns, epic scenes from Ramayana or Mahabharata etc. are some of the popular designs created on these blouses.

Machine printed blouses:

  • These blouses are screen printed using computer graphics and printers.
  • They show lifelike pictures and are available in countless options.
  • Machine-printed blouses are available in various materials such as cotton or synthetic fabrics.
  • Custom orders, name designs and even photos can also be used to make unique blouses.

How to style printed blouses?

Wondering how to get that perfect “printed” look? Take some pointers from our fashion experts:

  • Printed blouses go best with simple, contrast-colored saris. You can experiment with color combinations to create a new look every time
  • You can also try print-on-print. Combine a blouse with an animal motif for a floral saree with a garden pattern. Only the sky is the limit!
  • If you want to try a cheeky, playful look, grab a Disney-printed blouse and get ready to steal the show!
  • For a more elegant look, choose a hand-printed blouse like bandhani or kalamkari. Just try to create new patterns or combine these fabrics
  • Pearls, terracotta, metallic jewelry or even boho inspired accessories to look great with printed blouses.
  • You can even combine a printed clutch with your blouse to get a tailored look!

Printed blouses made it easy to use simple sarees. You can just put a border on plain saree and get a match with a printed flower blouse. There may be other prints. Just try this printed blouse and you will feel the change in your personality.

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