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Pooja Room Colour Ideas

Pooja rooms are really a sacred place in the home and therefore many people are very special in terms of design and construction. Regardless of the size of the pooja room, almost everyone is interested in the color of the pooja room. The color combination for the Pooja room is very important because it helps you decide on the look, feel and mood, not only for this particular room, but also for the entire house.

Indian houses are incomplete without a pooja room. If you are looking for the perfect color combination for Pooja rooms, you have come to the right place.

Best Pooja Room color ideas:

Here are our 10 simple and modern Pooja room color designs. Let’s take a look.

1. Peaceful white:

Without a doubt, one of the most popular puja room colors is white. Keeping the walls of your pooja room white never fails because the color is reliable and without problems. It goes well with almost anything and everything.

To give the white color an interesting touch, you can use flawless white color. You can combine the white walls of your pooja room with any design and any kind of decoration. Just think of a simple tip: choose a white color that is easy to clean and maintain.

2. Colored back walls:

For most of us it is always the color white as the wall color for the Pooja room. The white colored wall grumpily brings positivity and peace to the space that we all see in today’s life.

However, a nice and interesting change would be to have light walls for the pooja room. Bright colored walls for the pooja room are an interesting idea as they will help your pooja room stand out with its own charm. You can also try out different decorative pieces with your bright but attractive Pooja room wall paint.

3. Attractive Cerulean:

If you want your pooja room to look stylish and authentic in combination, using an attractive color in cerulean or sky blue is a good option. Since this color is an unusual choice among people, it will surely give the room the necessary charm.

A major advantage of using this color is that it is fairly fresh and attracts the positive effects together with the calming effects. This interesting color of the God space will attract many looks and inspire people to worship with full devotion.

4. Mustard yellow:

If you don’t see light colors as the best color for the Pooja room, you can always choose colors that are not as light and still give a similar feel. Mustard yellow is one such color that is preferred because it is neither too bright nor less for God’s room color.

The color mostly goes well with contemporary decors, but can also be used for other purposes. This color will surely give your pooja room warmth and sanctity and is therefore the best choice for the wall color for the pooja room.

5. Green color:

Many of us would never think of using green paint as a puja room color, but surprisingly, color is a big yes for puja rooms. There is no doubt that a subtle green color calms the eyes the most, and isn’t it what you’d expect in a pooja room? Green can give your pooja space peace of mind and ensure undisturbed devotion.

The color can also reduce stress and help relax the mind and would therefore be a perfect choice for the color combination for Pooja rooms.

6. Vermilion color:

Although this color is vermilion or orange a little lighter, it is a good choice for the wall color of Pooja rooms. The color represents energy and thus brings the pooja space to life.

It also stands for enthusiasm and excitement that helps followers feel happy and alive. You can keep the decorations with this color minimal to maintain a balance in the room. As this color improves energy level, you can pray with full faith and devotion.

7. Vibrant red color:

Without thinking, the color red is one of the most popular options for Pooja room colors. The color is not only people’s favorite, but is also considered the best according to the Vastu colors for pooja rooms.

The color is related to being auspicious and divine. You can choose any shade of red according to your wishes and your choice. However, be careful not to overdo the same color. If you don’t want the whole room to have the same red color, you can try different shades.

8. Combine two colors:

There are many people who don’t want just one color in their pooja room. If you are one of them, you can try to have the combination of two different colors in the room and make this the best color combination for the Pooja room.

In general, most people prefer the combination of red and white color because both colors look good together and also help bring the required positivity into the pooja space. Both colors look good with any kind of decoration and can therefore be used without any problems.


In addition to using different colors as a Pooja room color according to Vastu, you can also try to use lights in your Pooja room. The use of lights is a trend fashion that is used in the Pooja room to make it simply beautiful with the least effort.

It is recommended to use luminaires as they are suitable for all types of decors and decorations. This will also help people focus on the beautiful statue of God that is in your pooja room. Since there are not too many decorations, you will not be disturbed during your prayer time.

10. Backlight for Pooja Room:

To make your pooja room a special space in your home, you can do without the obvious colors of the pooja room and use nice backlighting instead. This backlight not only makes the pooja room stylish, it also keeps it simple and organized.

You can keep the brightness of the lights from light to light as you wish. The best backlights are generally those where the light is kept with minimal decorations. The backlight brings calm and composite relaxation to people and thus helps with lean and uninterrupted dedication.

The Pooja room color combination gives the general appearance of your home with certainty prosperity and charm. It will be very important to remove all negative energies and bring the necessary happiness and positivity that will help you grow in life. Therefore, you should be very precise when choosing the Pooja room color for your space.

If you need more information about the Vastu colors for the Pooja room or if you have any doubts or problems, please comment below. We will contact you soon with all the detailed information that will resolve all your doubts and concerns.

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