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Pochampally Cotton Sarees

Pochampally Cotton Sarees

One of the most famous cotton sarees in India is the pochampally saris. They come from a small village called Boodhan in the Nalgonda district in the state of Telangana. The city has some of India’s premium cotton sarees that are hand-woven on a loom using special techniques. The iconic temple-style border and the special ikat fabric make Pochampally saris famous worldwide. It is believed that the art of sari weaving in this place began in the 18th century until Boodhan remained unknown to the world. A group of artisans started to train the weavers of the neighboring villages into one of the largest home industries in the country. In this article we will learn some interesting facts about pochampally cotton sarees in detail and also examine 15 of the best designs.

Properties of Pochampally Cotton Sarees:

Here are some cool facts and lesser-known features of Pochampally Cotton Saris:

  • Pochampally saris can be identified with their high quality fabric and smooth texture
  • They have the characteristic borders in the Pochampally temple style
  • The world famous Ikat cotton sarees are known for their complex geometric patterns that are not easy to replicate
  • From a distance, these designs have a kaleidoscopic effect on our eyes
  • Cotton sarees are sometimes mixed with silk to make them suitable for a special occasion
  • The Zari edges are usually available in simple or patterned designs

Meaning of Pochampally Cotton Sarees:

Pochampally cotton sarees stand for their master weaving in the global spotlight. It takes a highly qualified and trained weaver to make an authentic pochampally saree. It takes a few weeks to make a saree, which indicates the complexity of the process. Pochampally saris have also achieved GI status and are considered our national pride.

How to style Pochampally Cotton Sarees?

Pochampally Cotton Saris are very versatile for styling. These experienced fashion tips can help you get the perfect look for any occasion:

  • Pochampally cotton is one of the best choices for workwear ensemble. Choosing earthy and sober colors can do the trick
  • With pearl, wood or terracotta accessories, you can turn a simple cotton saree into a boho-inspired outfit
  • Wear an embroidered jacket or vest over your pochampally cotton saree to give it a formal look
  • An Ikat-style laptop bag is the perfect partner for your saree
  • Opt for simple hairstyles and minimal accessories with these saris
  • Jutis or handmade sandals make you look complete

Suitable blouse for Pochampally Cotton Sarees:

The simplest form of blouse for a pochampally cotton saree is a simple cotton blouse. However, you can break this stereotype by trying out some of these popular blouse patterns:

  • Printed blouse with boat neckline
  • Raw silk blouse with front zip
  • Collar blouse with thread work
  • Mirror work blouse
  • Kutch work blouse
  • Ikat material blouse
  • Zari work blouse
  • Banarasi brocade

After seeing our 15 best pochampally cotton saree designs, it’s time for you to choose your favorite! This collection showcases the best of pochampally fabrics to give you the ethnic diva look you’ve always wanted! Every single pattern has been carefully designed with the passion to create a high quality Heritage Saree. These amazing curtains will be treasured by your coming generations as a family heirloom!

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