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Plain Sarees With Designer

Plain Sarees With Designer Blouse

A new trend has been set since stars like Madhuri Dixit sizzled on the screen in simple saris. Simple sarees were once worn with simple blouses, either fitting or rich in contrast. Over time, women got tired of this design because it was considered “too simple” or “boring”. Today the trend is to wear the latest simple sarees with designer blouse designs. Playing with colors, textures, patterns and cuts of the blouses can instantly transform a simple, single-colored saree into a designer outfit. In this article, we’re going to take a look at some of the best looks to try this season!

How to choose blouse designs for simple sarees?

There is no hard and fast rule for choosing a particular design with a simple saree. You can be as creative as possible and experiment with a variety of looks. Here are some of the fail-safe combinations you should try:

  • Simple saris without limits: These are versatile pieces of clothing that can be worn with literally any blouse. Try a printed, embellished or textured blouse with differently designed necks and sleeves.
  • Simple saree with limits: Wear a brocade blouse for silk sari with a zari border. If the saree has an embroidered edge, choose a suitable work blouse.
  • Simple saris for work: Keep the blouse in sober prints and subtle colors. Use fabrics like cotton or cotton silk for a decent look. Try boat necks, high collars with frilly sleeves.
  • Simple saris for parties: Use transparent blouses, net boat necks, strapless, contrasting stains, decorations and heavy tassels or fringes.

How to style a simple saree with a designer blouse?

Follow these tips to look flawless in your simple saree:

  • Follow the tips above to wear a designer blouse with a simple saree.
  • You can increase the glamorous quotient by adding a brooch, pins, or patch on the saree.
  • Simply tie the Pallu in a knot on the shoulder to create a style statement.
  • Use lots of pearl jewelry and large chokers for your simple sarees.
  • Experiment with a variety of hairstyles like buns, loose hair, etc., depending on the style of the blouse.
  • Use studded shoes and a clutch to match the designer blouse.

These are some of the best designer blouse designs for simple sarees. These blouses are versatile and can be combined with more than one saree. In a way, you can choose two or three of these blouses and combine them with almost half of your wardrobe. So they are definitely worth an investment. From work clothes to large weddings, simple saris can be worn with this practical blouse without a second thought. So store them in time for the upcoming Christmas season!

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