Plain Salwar Suits: Simple and Elegant Ethnic Wear Options for Women

Plain Salwar Suits: Simple and Elegant Ethnic Wear Options for Women

From yesterday’s Madhuri Dixit to Deepika Padukone and Kareena Kapoor, Bollywood heroines always had a fascination with plain salwar suits. Each of these glamorous dolls sizzled on the canvas with their unique cuts and color choices of outfits. From a tight-fitting silhouette to a loose, flowing style, countless looks were created in this segment.

Simple Salwar Kameez designs never really came out of the fashion scene, but lost their shine for a short time because they were described as too simple. Thanks to many designers and celebrities who have given them a contemporary flair, these outfits are among the most popular Indian women today. So why should you get lost in the complexity of prints and patterns when you can take the minimal route with these outfits? Read on to find out about the latest styles in simple salwars and style tips!

Characteristics of simple salwar kameez suits:

Let’s quickly go through a list of the structural and visual aspects of these garments:

  • As the name suggests, plain suits are free of prints, motifs or great embellishments.
  • They are kept simple throughout the outfit and are usually created in a range of colors.
  • The suits are available in different models such as Anarkali, A-Line, Straight Cut, Short Kurta etc.
  • These lower garments are kept uniform with the Kurta, using the same fabric and color. You can also choose between a contrasting or printed salwar with a smooth top.
  • A matching or printed dupatta is sometimes provided as part of the set.
  • For a festive and special look, the neckline and sleeves are provided with minimal embroidery or lace, which protects the rest of the dress.

Commonly used fabrics for simple salwar suits:

Designers prefer to experiment with a variety of materials to make these garments. Flowing fabrics like georgetts and chiffons are evergreen and never go out of style. Crunchy cotton, nets, organza, linen, kota, chanderi and even velvet, rayon are very preferred because of their beauty and unique properties.

How to style simple salwar suits?

If you’ve ever thought wearing a simple salwar made you look old-fashioned, you’re so wrong! These designs are a blessing for any woman who likes to experiment with her looks every day. Here are some expert tips to help you improve the style game:

  • Before picking up a dress, you should know the season and the weather, not the time of day.
  • For the summer, use lighter shades like pastel colors that can give you a fresh feeling. Wear it with a white or beige bottom. Replace your Dupatta with a printed scarf and wear flower-based jewelry.
  • Keep your color palette bright and strong in cloudy weather. Red, pink and yellow look like magic on dreary days. Opt for contrast-colored dupattas or choose an embroidered jacket for a layered look.
  • If you want to rock this trend at your best friend’s wedding, invest in rich chunaris such as Kanjeevaram, Bandhani, Benares or Leheriya that will transform your modest outfit into a designer ensemble.
  • You can also get a top-down look by using the same material and color as Salwar, Kurta and Dupatta. In this case, statement jewelry can improve your overall look and make you look elegant.

These are some of the best plain salwar suits handpicked just for you! These designs give you a much needed break from the chaos of highly decorative outfits. They look simple, elegant and honest. So if you want to do a mini-fashion detoxification of your melodramatic outfits, try these outfits and also follow the style tips! Time for the path “less is more”!

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