Pattu Saree Blouse Designs: Traditional and Ornate Blouse Designs for Pattu Sarees

Pattu Saree Blouse Designs: Traditional and Ornate Blouse Designs for Pattu Sarees

Saree is simply a one-piece garment that is strategically wrapped around your body to form a one-piece suit. In today’s modification, this one-piece suit can often consist of two different parts, but one thing that has remained constant forever and ever has been the use of blouses on a normal day that you can combine your saree with. The blouse is the middle piece of reef that we wear under the saree to support the saree. Just like the different patterns and designs of the saree, you can also easily recognize designs and patterns of the blouse.

Beautiful blouse designs for Pattu Sarees with pictures:

Here are some of the best blouse designs that go well with Pattu saris, with images that will surely inspire you.

1. The embellished squares:

The entire blouse consists of the finest ornaments. The basic color for the blouse is a bright pop pink, but what steals the show is the back design from the most sensual embellishments. The brickwork on the squares forms the blinding factor of the blouse, which continues up to the arm of the blouse. The soft squares are further surrounded by soft pink fabrics. This is one of the perfect blouse designs for pattu saris that is suitable for your wedding.

2. Everyday Anarkali:

This is an everyday look without any prior decorations that make up the body of the blouse. Even without stone or jewelry work, this is quite a beauty for an everyday blouse. The color of the blouse mixes with a vermilion red and an emerald green for the back. Inside is the extensive gold thread pattern. This kind of Pattu Saree blouse designs just excellent on your day with brightness.

3. The embroidered look:

The blouse shows a heavy embroidery pattern on the back. The cut on the back consists of curves, the middle part of which has a beautiful design on the top of the temples. A light thread attaches the two shoulders, while the beautiful white escalates the emerald tone. There is also a soft gold design that ends in a beautiful flower on the back.

4. The Rajasthani window:

Every culture has its own designs and patterns. Here’s a classic example of how the Rajasthani design can be transformed into a beautiful, colorful, Aztec look. The back of the blouse has an open window with a water drop cut on the back. The blouse on the back has a beautiful reflection with the best colors in one. This is one of the most popular designer blouse designs for Pattu Saris with the latest wonderful threads and stonework.

5. The rib cage setup:

This is a wonderful pattern for a blouse where the back of the blouse ends in a rib pattern. At the corners of the cut is heavy masonry and a sequence pattern. Along the cut lines and even along the chest stripes there are soft patterns made of round masonry.

6. The flowery blouse:

This blouse has the slightest sewing patterns, but is still one of the most beautiful blouse designs for Pattu saris ever. The body of the blouse around the chest is made of satin, but is black, while the rest around the border and the sleeves have a wonderful floral pattern in red and pink.

7. The jewels of the fish scales:

Here, too, the back of the blouse has a beautiful fish scale with Zari and Georgette work. The blouse is beautifully patterned with water droplets that just look fascinating in the emerald. Each scale or fish scale consists of the Zari work. This is one of the latest Pattu Saree blouse designs this year 2018.

8. The flower extravaganza:

The blouse may look simple and unassuming at first, but if you look at the back you’ll notice a beautiful floral pattern attached to the rest of the strip of blouses. The pattern begins at the neck and continues to an extravagant flower until it falls off to the end.

9. The Collar One Bearing Blouse:

The fantastic thing about the series of these beautiful Pattu blouse designs is this bareback collar bone blouse. The blouse is heavily decorated with stone and pearl work all the way from the back and front. On the back there is a beautiful window with a bare back.

10. The black magic:

Take a close look at the fascination of this blouse. It’s definitely one of the best pattu blouse designs you can wear with a pattu saree. The pattern made on it is zero. That’s right! This is a simple blouse, but with its neutral color it looks pretty good and can be worn very well with a green colored pattu saree. If you’re looking for something attractive that won’t make you look like a total showoff, this is one of the best blouses for Pattu Saris. It can be played at various events such as weddings and festive occasions.

11. The Allure gold blouse:

This is one of the best simple gold colored blouse designs for pattu sarees you can ever wear. It is a festive looking blouse and is suitable for women with a good height. The attractive sight on the edge of the saree fits the lower part of the sleeves, so it can be said that this blouse is perfect for saris when these designs are attached to it. The whole color of the blouse is so tempting that almost everyone will fall in love with the color. Working on the blouse shows love and affection and it is one of the best Pattu Saree blouses you can ever claim.

12. The Low Cut Fantasy Blouse:

This low cut, simple looking black blouse is another good blouse for the red Pattu Saris out there. This blouse looks totally cool for both middle-aged women and young women. It can be used as a party blouse and is suitable for women who love to expose the upper back of their body for fashion reasons. You can say that it is one of the best looking designer blouses for Pattu sarees that go with a stylish look. If you are looking for something new and attractive in this category, this blouse will definitely do the job.

13. The red attraction with a full neck:

This full neck blouse is red and has a seductive and unique design in the upper part of the neck. It is suitable for a cream or gold color Pattu Saree. It can also be used as a wedding blouse and is also a good bridal blouse. If you are attending a party again, this is one of the best blouses ever.

14. The colorful design:

This special blouse design for Pattu Saree has more than one color and can be described as one of the most attractive designer blouses for Pattu Sarees that you will ever experience this season. The colors in this Indian woman’s garment are shown so precisely that every woman will be keen to wear it.

15. The bridal certificate:

Here we have one of the most beautiful Pattu Sarees bridal blouses with work designs of all time. The color pink was used, which is the basic color. Many small seductive golden patterns were made on it, which are like the icing on the cake.

These are the best chosen when it comes to Pattu Saree blouse designs. You know the designs to choose from if you really want to stand out from the crowd.

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