Blue Jeans

History of Denim - Origin of Denim and Blue Jea

Always make sure that the jeans you wear fit you well and that you feel comfortable regardless of the fit of the jeans. They were originally worn by factory workers because they were sturdy and able to look fantastic despite being dirty. They have evolved along with fashion trends and ...

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Metal Bangles Avalaya Gold & Silver Tone Slim Textured Metal Bangles .

Jewelry, especially the bracelets, are of great importance in Indian culture. Bangles, also called chudiyan, are symbols of wealth and happiness for a woman who wears them. Aside from customs and beliefs, wearing metal bracelets is a hot trend these days. They are a perfect blend of tradition and affordable ...

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Maggam Work Blouse Designs

30+ Latest Maggam Work Blouse Designs with Catalogues in India .

When you enter a wedding hall, you are likely to see at least 80% of the women wearing Maggam work blouses. Especially in southern India, women of all ages love to display their elaborately made Maggam blouses. These embroidered blouses take their name from the “Maggam” or the “Loom”, a ...

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Plaid Shirts For Men

Orton Brothers Lightweight Tartan Plaid Shirt for M

Have you ever come across plaid men’s shirts? We are sure that most of you have already come across this autumn season’s favorite fashion! These shirts have been very popular around the world for ages and are still used by the same enthusiasm. Why not! They are pretty fancy and ...

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Silk Sarees

101 Trendy Bridal Silk Sarees worn by Real Brides...! | Wedding .

Silk sari have always been known on the Indian subcontinent. Since then, thanks to the many traders who have visited the country, weavers have been introduced to the technique of silk making. Pure silk sarees made from the finest mulberry silk are quite expensive and are treated as luxury goods. ...

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Latest Nose Pin Design

Latest gold nose pin designs for girls/wedding nose pin pictures .

On this earth, the convention of beautifying yourself has been the greatest attraction for any woman, and Indian women are no exception. The tradition of nose piercing in India has been a long affair of over thousands of years. Nose piercing has always been an important beauty regime for women ...

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Funky Dresses

Women's Fab And Funky Summer Dress (With images) | Fashion .

Each dress has its own quality and design. Today fashion appears in its entirety. Everyone wants to wear the best, depending on the season and the occasion. Funky dresses are referred to as the outstanding dresses that have been selected for both men and women. It is the powerhouse of ...

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Tea Length Dresses

Tea Length or Midi Length Dresses for Weddings | Floral tea length .

Today’s world is growing with both old and newest fashion. Some countries adopt the fashion of their very old days, while the western countries rely on the newest. Tea-length dress was worn by women when they probably went to the tea table in the 1920s. This dress falls between the ...

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Musical Chairs

In the old days there was no concept like a crib. Children, toddlers, and newborns slept in a swing made of a cloth, the two ends of which hung from a tree. But as time went on and at its own pace, the invention of a crib, a pre-made swing, ...

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Curtain Brackets Urbanest 5/8" to 3/4" Inside Mount Curtain Rod Bracket .

The curtains undoubtedly give the windows, doors and partitions a good and charming look when it comes to interior decorations, but the accessories associated with them also play an important role in decorating them. In the priory, the curtains were hung over a simple bar that was simple. However, with ...

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