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North Indian Mangalsutra

North Indian Mangalsutra Designs

A “Mangalsutra” is very important for an Indian woman. It is a symbol of love and a lifelong relationship with her husband. Each state has its own Mangalsutra designs, depending on the location, customs, and local traditions. In northern India, the Mangalsutra is a combination of golden and black pearls with different pendant styles. While traditional North Indian Mangalsutra designs are long chains with heavy pendants or discs, the modern ones are available in elegant versions. Depending on your taste, you can choose from a variety of Northern Style Mangalsutras from the list below:

Characteristics of North Indian Mangalsutras:

Here are some outstanding features of the Mangalsutras in North India:

  • In Northern India, women prefer to wear long gold chains decorated with black pearls.
  • The black pearls are believed to ward off the evil eye and protect the couple from bad energies.
  • Depending on the condition and culture, the design of the trailer changes constantly.
  • Heavy gold pendants are preferred in certain cultures, while simple, simple discs are found in women like Maharashtra.
  • The discs used in these chains are usually hollow and are worn to touch a woman’s body.
  • Modern Mangalsutra designs are available in short, simple versions with diamonds or gold engravings.

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