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Net Salwar Suit Designs

Net Salwar Suit Designs

A mesh is a synonym for grace, elegance and tenderness. This delicate fabric has been used in India for many centuries and was popularized during the Mughal era. The roots of the mesh material go back to the Victorian period, when lace was a popular choice among aristocratic women. It was introduced to Indian women who adapted the net fabric to Indian saris and salwar kameez suits. Net Salwar Suits Indian style is always in demand for their rich look and light fabrics. These exquisite dresses make every woman sizzle at a party with the shiny look of the net. Scroll down and discover some of the hottest designs by Salwar Kameez from Net Fabric to rock this festive season!

Net Salwar Kameez features:

Here are some interesting features of Net Salwar Kameez:

  • The Kurta and Dupatta of the Salwar Kameez network are made of mesh
  • The quality of the network differs depending on the price of the suit
  • Expensive netting is usually soft, shiny, and has a complex netting-like structure
  • They are flowing materials and yet easy to work with
  • A lining is provided to cover the sharpness of the fabric with materials such as viscose, spandex, satin or shimmer.
  • Latest net salwar designs have printed linings under simple mesh materials.

Preferred age group for Net Salwar Kameez:

Mesh salwar suits are preferred by women of the younger generation because they are easily revealing fabrics. In addition, net salwar kameez patterns adhere to your body and give it a defined shape. There are models on the market in which the neck, shoulder, waist and sometimes the thigh parts are kept transparent without the use of lining material. These designs are exclusive to slim girls who like to play bravely.

How to style Net Salwar Kameez?

Are you planning to wear a salwar kameez at a party? Here are some style tips that you can never fail:

  • Depending on the occasion, choose the right color and pattern of the Net Salwar Kameez.
  • If you have a well-toned body and are sure of it, opt for a transparent back, neck, or waist.
  • If you have a mesh dupatta, wear it with one side instead of the usual cross style.
  • Be sure to wear a tummy tuck if you have a slack waist.
  • You can use a printed or metallic interior to match a Kurta mesh.
  • Wear high heels to stand tall and graceful.

We hope you have been fascinated by these “bare” beauties! Net salwar suits are always considered fashionable and are worth your money. Be sure to choose only good quality netting as the cheap ones can easily wear out. Also try not to beautify the dress too much, as this can make maintenance difficult. So what are you thinking about? Let us know your favorite selection in the comments section.

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