Make a Statement with Corset Blouses

Make a Statement with Corset Blouses

If you want to watch Hollywood films of the 70s and 80s, you must have noticed that many women wear a thread-like garment around their waist. This is called a corset! It is designed to give a woman’s waist a curvy shape. This iconic corset is now part of the Indian ethnic garment segment to create a sensational hybrid called the Corset Saree Blouse! These blouses imitate the style of a corset, but feel lighter than the original. Many celebrities like Kareena Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra rocked them on the red carpet. It’s time to be inspired by these latest Corset Saree blouse designs.

Characteristics of a saree blouse in corset style:

What exactly is a corset-style saree blouse? These points can help you understand them in detail:

  • A corset blouse is an Indian saree blouse that is sewn in the form of a corset.
  • It’s a back open blouse, usually with a zipper, buttons, and a lace top.
  • The corset blouse is a hip-length blouse, in contrast to the normal blouse, which only extends to the chest line.
  • This type of blouse is specially made for slim and curvy women.
  • Although the original corset was made for women with a heavy waist to look slim, this blouse doesn’t contain much padding to camouflage your bulk.
  • You can wear these blouses with saris made of flowing fabrics such as chiffon, georgette, chinon, net and lace.

Corset blouses are mostly worn with simple saris to make the pattern of the corset blouse clear. Each design of the corset blouse is unique and different from each other. The corset blouse differs from the regular one. The skillful artist has to make this blouse. It is suitable for every function and every occasion. It is of fine and superior quality with a talented design.

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