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Maggam Work Blouse Designs

When you enter a wedding hall, you are likely to see at least 80% of the women wearing Maggam work blouses. Especially in southern India, women of all ages love to display their elaborately made Maggam blouses. These embroidered blouses take their name from the “Maggam” or the “Loom”, a frame that holds the fabric tight. Intricate designs are created using hook needles that range from simple floral patterns to complex bridal designs. While you probably have at least one of these blouses in your closet, it’s time to update yourself by exploring these latest images of Maggam’s work blouse designs.

Features of Maggam work blouses:

Here are some of the latest trends and features of Maggam work blouses to look out for in 2019.

  • Zardosi work: Zardosi is an art inspired by the Mughal era. She uses a lot of gold threads, sequins that pop out of the fabric.
  • Thread works: For those who want to stay away from bling, pure thread work is the best. Simple thread work and 3D designs are the latest trends.
  • Bare back: A silk blouse gives a sensual look with a transparent back or neck. These are available in contrasting colored mesh with a Maggam work motif on the blouse.
  • Sleeve embroidery: The sleeves are usually covered with a lot of masonry, crystal or even cutting. Vanki designs, checked patterns, Guttapusalu are now trendy.
  • Animal or bird designs: Peacocks, elephants, cows, etc. are intricately woven to create lifelike pictures.
  • Theme blouses: Wedding theme, Sangeeth theme or even historical theme like Charminar, Taj Mahal etc. have become the talk of the town!

How to style Maggam work blouses?

After you’ve focused on your favorite blouse designs, here are some style tips to help you look classy:

  • Choose the scope of work depending on the occasion and time of the event.
  • Use heavy embroidery blouses with many embroidery techniques for simple saris.
  • Combine stonemason blouses for night events with your silk sari to give a shine.
  • If you want to visit a traditional puja, impress the crowd with creative Lakshmi designs, Kasu work blouses or even Guttapusalu work.
  • Brides need to choose themed wedding maggot work blouses like pallaki work, bride and groom, etc. to create lasting memories.
  • Drape a saree neatly to highlight your blouse. Don’t forget your golden Vaddanam or waist belt!

Maggam designs are very ethnic to wear. When combined perfectly with Zari, Zardosi and pearls, they leave an impressive design. Not only do they give your simple and designer saris the right justification, they also go well with Lehenga. The slenderness of the design also gives bridal wear a magical touch. Due to its increasing popularity, various Maggam blouse designs are available.

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