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Long Sleeve Shirts Designs

When we talk about a shirt, we come up with a long-sleeved, sewn fabric with a collar and buttons! This is because shirts have hardly changed over the past few centuries. Long sleeve shirts are synonymous with professional and formal clothing. They create an elegant look that cannot be achieved with half a sleeve or a sleeveless shirt. Whether for men or women, these shirts are the best way to cover your arms, especially in cold and windy climates. They are also versatile and available in tons of designs. This article will tell you more about the best full sleeved shirts on the market.

Meaning of long sleeve shirts:

Why are long sleeve shirts so popular? There are mutliple reasons for this! These shirts are considered suitable for work clothing, especially Oxford shirts. Even people whose arms are too limp or too thin can cover them with a long-sleeved shirt. It is also an all-weather shirt. You can choose to keep it full length in winter or roll it up for hot summers. In any case, the effect will be impressive!

Characteristics of long sleeve shirts:

Here are some of the characteristic features of long sleeve shirts:

  • A long-sleeved shirt is a shirt with a long sleeve that is attached to the body of the shirt
  • The sleeve cuff should protrude 1 inch above the wrist line for a neat look
  • They give men and women who wear them a dignified appearance
  • These shirts have a formal look, but can also be designed to look casual
  • They are supplied with cuffs that have buttons or links that can be opened
  • Designer shirts have a printed or colorful cuff lining that can be seen by rolling them up

How to style long sleeve shirts?

Follow these style hacks to look impressive in your full sleeve shirt:

  • Choose the right size of the shirt. The armhole should be too tight or too loose and the length of the sleeve should go beyond your wrist line.
  • Choose solid colors such as blue, brown, black or maroon for workwear to achieve a uniform look.
  • When you go to a party, just experiment with printed shirts and patchwork designs.
  • Women can try out different long-sleeved patterns such as ruffles, transparent fabrics or ruffles to achieve a unique vintage look.
  • For a semi-formal or casual look, try collarless shirts like stand-up collars.
  • You can roll up your full sleeves to create an airy feel.
  • Cover your arms with many accessories such as bracelets, watches and even pearl threads!

Long sleeve shirts can never go wrong. These types of shirts look more and have never gone out of style, so they can be used for a long time. The shirts are available in very different styles and patterns, e.g. B. with collar, button up or down and much more. They are made from all types of fabrics and can be worn by both genders in all areas of life.

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