Long Curtains: Adding Drama and Elegance to Your Windows

Long Curtains: Adding Drama and Elegance to Your Windows

Home curtains are a special thing that makes a boring and boring house a beautiful home. Curtains can have different sizes. Some houses can be made with long curtains and some with short curtains. Long curtains are ideal for large rooms because they make the room appear larger. You can have the curtains from 6 feet in size. Try them in cotton, silk, linen or lace. The colors you choose depend on the upholstery in your room. So make an informed judgment and then buy your special set of long curtains.

Attractive and elegant long curtains for your home:

Get these top 9 long curtains.

1. Long curtain panels:

These long curtains are ideal for large rooms. The curtain panels are gray with a nice print. A lining can also be attached to these curtains. The eyelet rings on the curtains make it easier to move the curtains.

2. Transparent long curtains:

The 9 foot curtains are also a great option for large houses. These see-through curtains make you feel brighter and bigger at home. White color is always a good choice for your home. The transparent material is also easy to maintain. So make your choice for the best long curtains.

3. Floor length curtains:

Try these extra long curtains that reach the floor for your home. The curtains on these curtains are usually smooth and free flowing. It is best to have these curtains if you also have carpets so that the base of the curtains is not easily spoiled.

4. Bohemian long curtains:

These bohemian-style curtains are designed with the Moroccan theme in gray and orange. These long curtains can look great on a door to a room. You will find that the prints are very chic and this gives your home a nice feel. If you are an art lover, then this curtain style is exactly what you need.

5. Short window curtains:

Make a short window frame elegant with these long window curtains. The curtains are made of pure material and extend to the floor of the room. The long curtains make the room look perfect, since a short curtain would cut the space in half.

6. Room divider curtains:

A good way to divide a room is to hang these long drop curtains on a pole. The long curtains divide the room into two areas and this also gives you privacy. You can keep the style of the room and keep things away from everyone to see them.

7. Blackout curtains:

If you have a room that gets too much sunlight and wants some darkness, choose these extra long blackout curtains. These curtains are made of thick material and darker shades that keep sunlight out. The curtains are also perfect for large rooms.

8. Extra long curtains:

These are extra long curtains that you can use in wide spaces. The transparent material makes you feel in a large room. The extra long length of the curtains is a nice way to feel open and cool. Try these curtains for their beauty and style.

9. Open long curtains:

For long rooms with very high ceilings, these extra long curtain panels are the best choice. These long white curtains make the room brighter. You can have the open weave curtains that have a lace effect.

Long curtains ensure that the room you are in feels bigger and more trendy. They are perfect for all types of materials such as linen, silk, transparent materials, etc. You can choose between floor-length, long and extra-long curtains.

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