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Kerala Mangalsutra Designs

Kerala Mangalsutra Designs

India is a country of diversity. Different states of India have different cultures and wedding styles. In this article, we will travel south to the “Land of God” to explore the amazing variety of Kerala Mangalsutra designs. In Kerala, the groom ties a sacred thread of marriage around the bride’s neck. This is known as “Thaali” or “Elagu Thaali”. While the concept is similar across the state, the designs of these Mangalsutras are constantly changing according to their belief system. In a country where Muslims, Hindus and Christians live in harmony, it is an amazing experience to get to know the different styles of the state’s Thaali Bottus.

Features and meaning of Kerala-style Mangalsutra designs:

Read on to discover some of the outstanding features of the Kerala Mangalsutras. ”

  • Kerala Mangalsutras consist of a long chain with a pendant made of pure gold.
  • The Syrian Muslims of Kerala use a Mangal Sutra with black pearls, which is similar to that of Northern India.
  • A chain called “Ela Thali” is used in the Hindu community, where “Ela” means leaf and “Thali” is the gold disc.
  • On the “Ela” is an inscription with Om or other Hindu religious symbols.
  • In Christian communities, a golden pearl cross is used, which is called “Minnu”. It is hung on the bride’s neck with seven threads from her silk sari

Kerala jewelry has won its name and popularity for its simplicity and class. Her uniquely designed Mangalsutra gives an impression of her creative side. They are designed so that they do not irritate your neck and ensure that it is not heavy. Their design is much simpler compared to other government thali designs.

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