Kanchipuram Sarees: Exquisite Handwoven Silk Sarees from Kanchipuram, India

Kanchipuram Sarees: Exquisite Handwoven Silk Sarees from Kanchipuram, India

A silk sari is a staple in every Indian woman’s wardrobe. No special occasion is complete without the women who wear their best silk sari. Such a saree that is a must in your closet at Kanchipuram Saree. These saris come from the tiny town of Kanchipuram in Tamil Nadu and have earned GI status due to their high quality weaving quality. The original weavers of these saris are believed to be descendants of the sage Markanda, who was the master weaver of all gods. With such a rich history and connection to mythology, Kanchi Saris are wearable pieces of Indian culture! Learn about these gorgeous saris and discover some of the latest designs.

Meaning of Kanchipuram Sarees:

Kanchipuram saris are traditional fabrics that use only the purest mulberry silk and golden, silver Zari threads. Pure Kanchipuram silk sari are quite expensive and worth investing in. They show fine quality and craftsmanship and incomparable beauty. Most of the designs used in these saris are inspired by ancient temples. Hindu Puranas and Writings.

Properties of Kanchipuram Saris:

Here are some of the interesting characteristics of Kanchipuram Sarees:

  • Authentic Kanchipuram Silk Saris are expensive, with a starting price of ten thousand rupees to more than a few lakhs.
  • They are woven with rich designs and intricate details from silk and zari threads.
  • The edge is usually in a different color and design than the body of the saree.
  • A typical Kanchipuram saree is made with patterns such as checks, stripes and floral motifs.
  • The unique temple style borders distinguish Kanchipuram saris from the rest of the silk sari.
  • In an original Kanchi saree, the body and palla are woven separately and connected using a zigzag line that connects them.

Preferred age group for Kanchipuram Silk Sarees:

The beauty of Kanchipuram silk sari is the large selection of designs and colors that are offered for different tastes. Although the original techniques of the saris have remained the same, the patterns and color mixes have evolved to suit the younger generation. From a teenager to an eighty-year-old, Kanchipuram silk saris can make anyone look divine!

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