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How To Make A Headband

Regardless of whether the hair is short or long, headbands play an important role in putting on the hairstyles. Even simple wearing to protect hair is practiced by girls and women who are barless. It is an important decorative accessory that will add some beauty to your hairstyle. But you know, you can now make decorative headbands at home too!

How to make baby headbands at home:

Here are some of the best points to show you how to make headbands with different ingredients at home:

1. Headband made of elastic band:

Are you wondering how to make a headband out of ribbons and elastic bands? You will need decorative ribbons and rubber bands for this. Cut them to the size of your head and sew the rubber band between the bands that fold it with a sewing machine. Cut off the remaining sides and the other part to add the finishing touch to the band, and wear it in a bohemian style by wrapping it on your forehead.

2. Braided headband from T-shirts:

Do you have an old unused t-shirt at home? Make headbands out of it. Are you wondering how you can use the T-shirts to make baby headbands? Take the unwanted t-shirts and cut thin strips out of them. Use three t-shirts in different colors to make the headband colorful. Tie the end of the strips on one side and make a braid out of it. Sew the ends together into a round round headband and cut off the unwanted part of the t-shirt. Your braided headband is ready to wear.

3. Felt flower headband:

The process of making cute headbands for babies of this type is completely elastic-free. All you have to do is collect three different ribbons or velvet felts to make the roses. Use green felt and cut it in the form of a leaf. Cut it off and keep it aside. You can also make a flower by pasting over the sides of the circular felt to make it conical. When the flowers are ready, take a ribbon of the desired width and sew or glue the flowers on it. The headband is easy to wear and doesn’t even hurt the toddler.

4. Knotted Baby Headband:

If you’re thinking about new ways to make newborn headbands, the knotted headband is a trendy style. All you need for this type of headband is a satin or silk material with the prints you want. Cut two strips with pointed ends on either side after measuring the size of the toddler’s head. Machine stitch the edges of both strips. Just let your baby wear the headband by tying a knot on the head side. You can also tie different knots to get a new design.

5.Turban crochet headband for baby:

If you’re thinking about how to make baby headbands, the crochet turban is all the rage. The turban is made of crochet material with effective twists. First a crochet material with the desired width and length is cut off after the size of the head has been accepted. The ends of the crochet material are folded and sewn together into a circular headband. Make a twist in the middle and let it sew. To make the rotation more attractive, you can add a button, a flower, a petal, etc. Let the charm come to the side while wearing the headband.

In the manufacture of materials for the manufacture of headbands for toddlers, soft materials are generally selected for the manufacture and decoration of the headband. Since the baby headbands have to be delicate, they largely consist of satin bands for a soft grip.

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